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When Evangelicals  threw their support behind Donald Trump in the primaries, I was surprised and disappointed.  I found it odd and disturbing that they would ignore Trump’s lascivious and crude background.  But since the moment that Trump has taken the GOP nomination, I have found it amazing and ominous that NeverTrumpers, who are Christians, will not actively take the offensive against Hillary Clinton.  But they don’t.  They are passive participants, if not mere bystanders, in the election of a lifetime, an election which has the potential of completely eradicating Christian values and traditions from the western and American culture.  Yet, NeverTrumpers ignore this probability at best and certainty at worst.

I understand the distress in which NeverTrumpers feel so inclined to oppose Trump.  While many of his proposed policies have been to my liking, his character flaws have been sobering.  Agreeably, the Republican Party has never had a candidate with such a basket of negatives.  But then, again, never has the Democrat Party had a candidate of such unscrupulous integrity.  When standing in the light of day, Trump may have a questionable reputation, but he is not a criminal.  Trump, for all of his antics and personal weaknesses, has not defied the American rule of law.  Hillary Clinton is a proven liar, a woman with indisputable ties to the globalist, George Soros, and a criminal who has blatantly smirked while mocking the American people as she has publicly escaped penalty for her lawlessness.

The NeverTrumper Christians seem to have a common bond or purpose for opposing Trump.  According to these anti-Trump voters, they cannot in good conscience stand with a dishonorable man of such obscene character.  And they use Scripture to support their opposition to Trump.  He is offensive to their Christian faith.  But oddly, these Christians are not alarmed by the agenda of Hillary Clinton, a woman who has every intention of advancing the Christian persecution which has been on the fast track since the inauguration of Barack Obama.

In 2015, while speaking to a women’s group, Clinton embraced abortion while insisting that religious beliefs and structural biases must be changed.  She has compared Islamic terrorism to the Christian altercations in Northern Ireland. She refuses to identify Islamic terrorism by name.   She encourages Muslims to embrace their heritage in America.  And as she defends the presence of the Muslim Brotherhood in the White House, and maintains an unusually close friendship with Huma Abedin, her so-called advisor who has ties with radical Islam, she opens America to an influx of hundreds of thousands of unvetted Muslim migrants, many of whom are jihadists.

As lacking as Trump may be, he has not wavered from his pro-Christian stance.  He has repeatedly rejected the anti-Christian sentiment which is reaching a crescendo throughout the culture and social institutions.  Yes, he is a sinner.  But Hillary Clinton is not only a sinner.  She is a woman with a philosophy of globalism and policies which encourage Sharia Law and the American Islamic Caliphate.

Prior to the election of Barack Obama, Christianity in America was on the decline due to the social rot within the cultural fabric.  But under Obama it came under attack, and Christians have been targeted for persecution, while Muslims have been heralded for their contributions to the American story.  Hillary Clinton has every intention of following the same path of Christian-bashing that Obama took.  Yet, using what is incoherent reasoning,  NeverTrumper Christians ignore Clinton’s promotion of Islam and her subtle condemnation of Christianity.

The animosity that NeverTrumper Christians hold for Donald Trump is so extreme that they are willing to withhold their vote in what could be a vote against Hillary’s anti-Christian agenda.  And I wonder…….’Have NeverTrumper Christians not even considered that their children and grandchildren will be deprived their rights to publicly worship in the near future?  I might need to clarify that statement…their rights to worship Christ.  They will be allowed to worship Allah in the brave new world.

NeverTrumper Christians, I ask you, “Will you regret not voting against Hillary when she ushers in the Islamic caliphate just as Angela Merkel and the progressive European leaders have done?  And make no mistake about it, under a Hillary Clinton presidency, you and your children will be persecuted for your faith.

Are you letting your disgust and hatred with Donald Trump cloud your judgement to the real threat of Christianity, that being a Hillary Clinton presidency? You might want to think about that one!

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