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When I was growing up, ‘communism’ was the prevailing threat to We the People.  I studied this dreaded form of totalitarianism as early as my intermediate years in elementary school.  My mother instilled in me Nikita Khrushchev’s famous words, announced to a group of Western ambassadors at the Polish embassy in Moscow on  November 18, 1956.  Spoken in Russian, they were interpreted to be “We shall bury you.”  And God rest her soul, she never let me forget it.  As a teacher and student of history, she gave to me the most valuable gift of understanding and recognizing the signs of oppression and tyranny.  But more importantly, she left me with the knowledge and skills that I would need to defend my personal liberties.  I comprehended and appreciated, at a very young age, the very essence of freedom.  And I knew that I would never ever ever allow anyone to steal those God-given liberties from me.  Aside from the abundance of love that was her legacy, her greatest gift to me was the inspiration to remain free.

While ‘Communism’ and his dreaded brother ‘Nazism’ were bone-chilling concepts, their sister, ‘Fascism’ was almost as spine-tingling.  Every kid knew the definition of a dictator, and they knew the ramifications of living under a dictatorship.  We lived with the knowledge of identifying the dangers and threats to our peaceful existence and birthright.  But somewhere along the progressive path to enlightenment, the message of the evils of totalitarianism got lost in the school curriculum.  It was during the 1970s that the schools began backing away from the intense lessons on authoritarianism and centralized government. The Progressives had quietly and deliberately taken control of the educational system, and the dumbing down of America’s children had begun.

The entire progressive movement in the United States has been a stealth but radical campaign.  Until Barack Obama was elected, few Americans were even familiar with the term ‘progressive’ nor ‘secular-progressive’.  The Progressives managed to stay in the shadows as they incrementally moved their silent transformation of America forward.  How in the world could a movement as broad and as perilous to individual liberty remain in the darkness for decades?   Because of a complicit media born of the academia which fosters progressive thought.

Progressivism is a reform movement born from the collusion of intellectuals and social reformers.  Academia is the breeding ground for the propaganda and indoctrination that eventually cultivates young progressive thinkers and distributes them into every economic, social, and cultural institution in the land.  Like communism, progressivism is a philosophy of statism.  The government is the solution to all social, economic, and political ills.  The constitution is considered to be outdated.  The collective takes priority to individual liberty.  We the People are replaced by an administrative bureaucracy.  What are the differences in communism and progressivism?  Communism is progressivism on steroids.  Communism is revolutionary, and progressivism is a drip drip of  transformational change.  But the endgame of both philosophies or strategies is totalitarian rule by the elite.

If progressivism is the door to Utopia, why did the general masses just begin to hear the term ‘progressivism’ bandied about during the last 8 years?  Why did we not hear Hillary Clinton speak of her progressive worldview when her husband, Bill, was president?  Why did the Democrats not admit to their progressive agenda?  Because they could not afford to alert the American people to the dimension of this widely orchestrated scheme.  They knew that if the American people understood the breadth and depth of the progressive agenda, they would spook.  The American people would revolt against this subversive and covert  plan to seize the power of self-governance from We the People.  Until Obama’s administration, they have remained diligently and obscurely on course to rule the world.

Unfortunately for us, the Progressives have begun to move out of the shadows.  They are identifying themselves as Progressives.  Hillary Clinton identified herself in a speech by stating, “I am a proud Progressive.”  There is only one reason that they are coming out from behind their curtain.  They now feel powerful enough to complete the transformation of this country.  There is a direct correlation between their shadows and their power.   Soon they will be bathing in the sunlight.




  1. Great article, Judy… Am hopeful that the sunlight of which you speak is of the complete exposure and shame of progressives, not of power. Progressivism really is one long act of treason against America…

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