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Most of my life I have  assumed that all people crave freedom.  Personal choice is so much a part of my being that it never crossed my mind that there are people who are content with a life of being controlled by an external force.  I am all too familiar with people that want to do the controlling, but never in my wildest imagination did I foresee millions of people being satisfied with a life of subjugation.  Sure, I know men who are whipping boys for their girlfriends or wives, which, by the way, I find to be a completely distasteful characteristic in a man.  And I know many individuals who cannot make a personal decision without getting the advice of a counselor or buddy.  But wimpy men and self-doubt are just different versions of insecurity.

I am a steadfast proponent in the theory that all men are born with the inherent desire for liberty.  So, how do over a hundred million people in the United States end up on welfare?  Why did a preponderance of those millions find themselves satisfied with an unproductive life and an income and lifestyle dictated by the powers in Washington D.C.?   Because they were conditioned to a lifestyle of laziness.  They were the unwitting targets of a progressive political aristocracy which had them in the crosshairs, specifically to broaden their dependent voting base.  The Progressives could only accomplish this with a down-trodden, uneducated, inattentive, and slothful populace.

When Barack Obama entered office, he immediately implemented programs to enhance the welfare numbers.  The Obama phones and the increase in food stamp participants were  deliberate undertakings to expand the lower socio-economic class.  Creating a dumbed-down, dependent class of indigents is key to the progressive movement.  As powerless as these poverty-stricken  people may be to manage their own lives, they are dynamic in a voting booth.  After years of a dismal existence, they have lost all desire to strive for anything better.  They have accepted their meager means of survival, because they have been mentally and emotionally programmed to expect nothing better and to demand the handouts.  Nevertheless, they do not want to lose what they have, and they will rise to the occasion to maintain their pitiful status quo.

It is difficult to dominate financially secure people.  While money is not the key to happiness, it is a component of survival and independence.  Self-reliant  individuals are not at the mercy of those who wish to regulate and restrict their activities.  They don’t need the government to navigate the system.  Their money is their potential for mobility, basic needs, and defense.  For all of the dirty deeds committed in the pursuit of money,  any person who seeks to endure this world without it is foolish, unless that person has dedicated himself to a higher calling.

The Progressives realize that their Utopia cannot be attained without drastically limiting the wealth of the middle class.  The progressive Utopia exists only as a two-class system.  There is an elite aristocracy and a peasantry. The Progressives must eradicate the middle class by restricting their resources and abilities to remain self-sufficient.  Thus, we have the intentional ruination of the educational system and job markets.  Poor, ignorant people cannot fight.  They may try, but it is futile.

During Obama’s administration, the Progressives have begun to come out of the shadows.  They are confident in their thought that they have achieved that point in their agenda in which they can identify themselves without repercussions to the movement.  They believe that they have the nation, in particular the conservative middle class, in a stranglehold.  And now is their time to break them.

Anyone who has been paying attention, has noticed that Hillary Clinton has become more brazen with her in-your-face defiance.  She knows that the public is aware of her lawlessness.  She is aware that her actions in Benghazi were atrocious in regards to the security of Americans.  She has been branded as a liar, and yet, she isn’t phased.  She smirked and laughed throughout the Benghazi Hearings, despite the gravity of the accusations against her.  She called Trump’s voting base “Deplorables.”  She parades her arrogance in debates, and she challenges those who dare to oppose or question her self-perceived entitlement to the presidency.

Joe Biden has publicly mocked Trump and his supporters.  The media is in open defiance of the conservatives or Republican Party.  The progressive faux-journalists are comfortable with stepping outside the confines of  ethical journalism and joining with the Clinton campaign.  Progressives coming out of the shadows is predictable, but deliberately agitating and taunting the conservatives and Republicans with media bias,  insults, and contempt is akin to poking the bear.  Why would the Progressive bullies openly provoke traditional Americans?  Because they are sending the message that they are in charge, and they will ‘break’ their conservative opposition.

Tyrants and oppressors always break their subjects.  They ‘want’ those whom they oppress to know that they are in command of their lives.  They demand that their subordinates accept their inferior status.  Progressives covet the surrender of the conservatives, and they must ridicule and manipulate them until We the People feel powerless.

Breaking the will and spirits of the people ‘must’ occur if the progressive aristocracy is to be effective.  They ‘must’ squelch any possibility of an insurgency.  The progressive establishment is now in the process of ‘breaking’ us.  They are flaunting their power.  If Hillary Clinton is elected, there will be a massive progressive power surge intended to intimidate and weaken the conservatives.

Unfortunately for the Progressives, after a hundred years of preparation for this moment of total control, they are going to hit a brick wall.  We the People are not going to break.  And very soon the Progressives are going to realize that their progressive dreams are going to be their nightmare.

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