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Whether Hillary Clinton will be indicted before or after the election is anyone’s guess in this crazy political and lawless environment.  She may never be indicted, but I have a gut feeling that Clinton is going to pay the American piper, at some point, for her years of corruption and crime.  Let’s just say that I am trying my best to have a trace of faith in the remnants of our broken system.

The Clinton Machine is the Godfather of the modern American progressive movement.  For twenty-five years Bill and Hillary Clinton have had their grimy hands on the pulse of the federal government and their media acolytes.  With the money and  networking of George Soros, they have managed to manipulate the entire political environment.  Clinton influence and Clinton power brought the progressive era to fruition.  And Clinton believes that she is entitled to the United States Presidency.  She considers it to be her reward for her years spent in the progressive trenches.

Imagine how betrayed she must have felt when Soros chose Barack Obama to replace her in 2008.  It was assumed that the Democrat nomination was hers for the taking, but Soros had other plans.  I would venture to speculate that he believed Obama to be the more electable candidate at the time.  But he made up for his disloyalty and ensured her 2016 Democrat nomination.

Hillary and Bill Clinton are so treacherous that even their fellow Democrats refuse to challenge their perceived privilege as heirs to the highest office in the world.  Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley entered the 2016 Democrat Primary to conceal the obvious ‘selection’ of Clinton as the Democrat nominee.  They were tolerated, because they were jokes with no risk of victory.

The Democrat hierarchy does not respect the Clintons.  They fear the Clintons.  They understand that the pretentious duo are ruthless and mercenary.  While they may have the same progressive agenda in common, it is an unspoken commandment within the Democrat Party and mainstream media that the Clintons are not to be questioned.  The Clinton intimidation is so far-reaching that even the Republican Washington Establishment treads softly when engaging the Clintons.

Yesterday’s announcement that FBI Director James Comey is reopening the FBI investigation against Clinton and her email use is peculiar.  Considering that Comey dropped the ball in July when he closed the case without an indictment, it is disconcerting that he now believes there may be notable evidence against her.  Ten days before the election, and suddenly the FBI has found a new clue.  Really?  When it comes to stopping Clinton and her what- seems- to- be ‘unstoppable’ corruption, I’m jaded.  I don’t trust Comey.  I don’t trust the FBI.  I don’t trust Congress.  And I certainly don’t trust Obama.  I hold such contempt for the media that if I learned tomorrow that the entire Comey story was a Halloween hoax, I would not be surprised.

The games that Washington plays are callous and brutal.  What is true and what the establishment wants us to perceive as true are two different concepts.  I read today that Rush Limbaugh is theorizing that Comey is still carrying water for the Clintons.  Rush suggests that Comey is reopening the FBI investigation to draw attention away from the WikiLeaks revelations that are fatal to Hillary.  In the end the new details of the email investigation will reveal nothing of worth.  Perhaps Rush is right.  Who knows?

But I do believe that at some juncture Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton will be held accountable for their life of crime and deception.  And when all of the truth is disclosed to the public, it will be a shocking chronicle of the country’s most notorious political criminals.  They will grace the history books as Washington D.C.s very own Bonnie and Clyde.  And my apologies to Bonnie and Clyde for the analogy.

If Hillary Clinton is by some chance indicted, either now or in the near future, I believe the repercussions could be felt throughout the entire progressive movement.  Because if she is indicted, Americans will see a glimmer of the rule of law as it was intended.  They will see someone like Clinton, who perceives herself as being above the law, face the consequences of her actions.  Americans need that victory, and the Progressives need that setback.

Clinton’s downfall could be the first thread in the unraveling of the progressive movement in America.  She is the head of the snake.  We will have to wait, hope, and pray that Comey uses his hatchet.



  1. When I first heard that Comey was re-opening the investigation, my first thought was that he found out he had a horrible incurable disease, and his life insurance would not pay for suicide. And he just wanted to end his life.

    Then I got another thought. Maybe he was originally told by Loretta Lynch that Obama would ruin him if he pushed for the prosecution of Hillary., He is close to retirement age and wanted to keep his job for a few more years to maximize benefits. The new emails may incriminate Loretta Lynch and Obama, making them afraid to fire him.

  2. the continual relentless cries for “no justice no peace” over every token issue should be drowned out by our DEMAND for truth and the rule of law on this. pure evil must be delta with.

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