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Hillary Clinton is outraged that the FBI would dare to reopen her email case.  Taking swings at James Comey, she called for him to release the emails that are implicating her criminal activity.  How noble of Hillary!  Right?  Let’s get it all out on the table right here and now, she proffers.  Her  ‘I’m as open as a book’ strategy is intended to suggest that there is nothing there for the public to see.  “Put it out there, James,” she challenges.

But there’s just a tiny problem with Hillary’s phony strategy.  She knows that Comey can’t publicly present the evidence during an investigation.  He does not have that authority.  On the other hand, Hillary does have that authority as does her right hand woman, Huma Abedin.  Both women know what the FBI has found in its search of Anthony Weiner’s computer.  They both know the details of the questionable emails.  So, why don’t they put it out there, that is if there’s no proof in the pudding?

Hillary Clinton is accusing the FBI of  ‘unprecedented interference’  in an election.  Hey Hillary, let’s talk about ‘unprecedented.’   Having a presidential candidate who is clearly guilty of criminal activity, unethical behavior, breaching national security, harassing the victims of her husband’s sexual assaults, not to mention dozens of other unscrupulous and treacherous acts of public betrayal, is unparalleled.

In truth, everything about the Clintons is ‘unprecedented.’  Aside from the ‘progressive’ influence that Eleanor Roosevelt made in Franklin Roosevelt’s presidency, when has the United States of America had a husband and wife team, or arrangement, in which both individuals were both progressive, but also candidates for president?  When has America ever had a president under investigation for sexual harassment and perjury while in office?  When has America had a president impeached for perjury involving his sexual misconduct?  When has America ever had a president disbarred from legal practice while in office?  What other president has been publicly accused of rape?  Which president’s wife has been accused of harassing her husband’s sexual conquests?  How many former presidents or first ladies have been connected to so many victims of mysterious deaths?   How many former presidents are friends with convicted pedophile, Jeffrey Epstein?

While the media, in general, holds Democrats to a substandard degree of accountability, they hold the Clintons to an ‘unprecdented’ non-existent  standard of accountability.  It is ‘unprecedented’ that a presidential candidate has been able to avoid press conferences concerning her alleged illegal activities.  But Hillary Clinton has been given a complimentary pass in dodging responsibility for her egregious conduct while employed by the United States citizens.

The Democrats and Clintons are reportedly readying themselves to declare war on the FBI.  Call me stupid, but I have a question here. Can you do that?  Are Americans allowed to declare war on the FBI?  How about the CIA?  Because if we can, I say we go after Attorney General Loretta Lynch and the Justice Department.  And no, I am not suggesting that we declare ‘literal’ war on these dignitaries, but figuratively, we can seek our own legal recourse for these traitors within our federal government.

I was under the assumption that if I was being investigated by the FBI, I had better find a good lawyer and cooperate with the agency to the best of my ability.  Yes sir!  No, sir!  Please, sir!  It never occurred to me that I could ‘declare war’ on the FBI.  Hillary Clinton must have never received the memo!  “It’s not nice to declare war on the FBI!”

Sitting back and watching the Democrats squirm as the dastardly Clintons are being sucked back into their own machine is comforting and admittedly lots of fun.  It is comforting to believe, even if just for a few days, that maybe our legal system has a faint heartbeat.  It gives me hope.   But anyone who believes that Hillary’s supporters will desert her over this latest breaking news is mistaken.  Hillary voters know that she is a criminal.  They don’t care.  The motto of the Progressives is ‘The ends justifies the means.”  The type of person who votes for Hillary Clinton has no respect for the law.  A Hillary voter is a ‘villain.’  Period!

The next nine days are going to be exciting and interesting.  So, the Democrats are declaring war on the FBI?   I’m going to get out the popcorn, because this is one show I don’t want to miss!



  1. The Clinton Crime Family are above the FBI, the Justice Department, The Judiciary and Congress. If you don’t believe me, just ask Hillary.

  2. This is an excellent article Judy. I’m no star student of war games, but I’m pretty sure that when you declare war on the FBI that it ain’t gonna go the way you may have hoped! Shine on!

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