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As a lifelong advocate for justice, even as a little girl I would become frustrated and exasperated with the injustice and deception of the powerful, whether they be bureaucrats or the school bullies.  Understanding the nature of behavior and consequences, actions and reactions, and cause and effect are abstract concepts, and they take a good deal of maturity to fully comprehend.  But more notably, it takes a lot of patience to wait for a villain to receive his just desserts.

As my mother always professed, “You reap what you sow.”   It might not be today. It might not be tomorrow.  But you will harvest the crop that you planted.   While I was not quite mature or patient enough to take consolation from that reality when I was young, I eventually accepted it as gospel.  Without a doubt, it is one of life’s truisms.

After twenty-five years of watching Bill and Hillary Clinton sow the seeds of progressivism, corruption, deception, immorality, perversion, mafia-style politics, and old-fashioned crooked dealing, while they sprinkled the national political landscape with global fairy dust, I had about decided that the Clintons would not be reaping what they have sown until the afterlife.  But suddenly it seems  as though some of those crops just may be gathered before they are welcomed into the inferno.

I don’t want to jinx the process, but it is beginning to appear that Hillary Clinton will not be elected as president.  I may be premature with that presidential forecast, but I can say for certain that her chances are looking bleak.  And what if by some chance she wins?   After all, the Democrat machine and the Democrat voters do not  appreciate honesty in their candidates.  They are the party of “the ends justifies the means.”  Anything goes as long as they win.  I seriously doubt that the majority of Democrat voters have an issue with Hillary’s crimes and pathological lying.  Deception is the foundation of the Democrat platform.  So, a Hillary win, despite the latest FBI revelations, is indeed a possibility.

But if Clinton wins the presidency, I don’t believe that she will serve.  She will be impeached, indicted, prosecuted and likely convicted.  We will have a constitutional crisis.  Furthermore, if she wins, there will be utter chaos as her presidency will not be accepted by most of the nation.  She will have no credibility with Congress, and her big money, high power global players will abandon her.  We will have the insolent and flavorless President Tim Kaine.

As for Bill Clinton, he will not spend the next four years in the White House as planned.  Undoubtedly his presidential legacy will be one of disgrace as an impeached president.  And while Barack Obama will grace the history books as a lying, anti-American whose policies brought the nation to near collapse, Bill Clinton will receive the high honor of the president with the worst possible character and as the only president who had rape allegations hanging over his head.  Clinton will be forever connected to a pedophile.

Average Americans cannot conceive of the power that Bill and Hillary Clinton have accumulated.  But it is obvious that they have worldwide dominance and are feared by many in the Washington Establishment.  A force which subdues the uber-wealthy and world elite is not impressive.  It is wicked.  The Clintons are in effect a crime family.

What happens on November 9th is anyone’s guess.  If Hillary loses, the Left will not accept it.  They will cry foul and fight their imaginary war against the FBI.  There will be violence in the streets at some given place and time.   Real Americans must understand that the Progressives will never accept defeat. They have worked diligently for over a hundred years to complete their transformation of this country.  They won’t be going away.

If Hillary would by some chance win and be forced to surrender the office, the Left will be on the warpath.   Again, there will be violence.  We are at the impasse that we knew would arrive sooner or later.

But however it comes down, it would be fairly safe to say, “The Clinton Harvest is finally ready.”



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