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The old adage “When it rains it pours” may be a little hokey, but from my experiences, it is an accurate statement.  If  the washer breaks down, the furnace goes out, the hot water tank begins leaking and the car starts making a funny sound.  The pitter patter of rain on my roof always results in a gullywasher.  And from the looks of things in the Bill and Hillary Clinton household, they may have a torrent running right through the middle of their home in the very near future. Considering that the Clintons have been water-resistant for decades, this cloudburst my very well result in a drowning.

In the midst of the FBI reopening Hillary Clinton’s email case, Bill Clinton’s alleged love child is pressing forward with his determination to prove that Bill Clinton is his father.  Danny Williams, the young black man who asserts that Clinton is his biological father, is seeking  to prove his allegations.  Today he recounted his claim in a speech at the National Press Club.  He is begging Monica Lewinsky for a sample of the DNA on the infamous blue-stained dress.  Williams is certain that Clinton is his father and is moving forward with his intentions to prove his paternity.

Yesterday the FBI released 129 pages of documents from an investigation involving Bill Clinton’s pardon to Marc Rich, the husband of a wealthy Democrat donor.  Oddly, James Comey, was a prosecutor involved in a Marc Rich legal case between 1987 and 1993.  Comey also led an investigation into the Clinton pardons, and he wrote, “I was stunned at the Rich pardon.”

Donna Brazille, CNN commentator and DNC interim chairperson was discovered this week to be colluding with the Clinton campaign.  Brazille was leaking debate questions to Clinton.  Aw heck, Hil, cheating again?    CNN’s Jeffrey Zucker slammed Brazille and fired her for what he called “disgusting and unethical” behavior.

WikiLeaks is preparing for another email dump as Trump moves ahead in the polls.  The Clinton Foundation is becoming the focus for money laundering, and the rain is pouring into the basement.   After years of manipulating the entire system to thwart We the People and accumulate wealth and power, the Clinton storm drained has plugged completely up.

Danny Williams may or may not be the son of Bill Clinton.  He resembles Slick Willy, but we won’t know without the DNA  And if Williams is able to find a source to acquire that DNA, Bill Clinton’s long lost love child may be the other shoe that drops.  Considering that William’s mother was a hooker, it’s anybody’s guess.   But if  Clinton is the father…well, I guess that makes ole Bill a “Baby Daddy.”




    • I have not seen anything like this, David. While I tend to be skeptical of sources that I am not familiar with, the information in this video sounds very credible, and they fit together like a puzzle with everything else we know to be true. If it is, and we are going to have the opportunity to expose all of these people, I say “let the cleansing begin” and “GOD HELP US.”

  1. I wonder if Danny would allow someone to purchase a life insurance policy on him?
    It would have to have a suicide waiver on it before there would be any value in it.

    • Considering that Danny made his request from the National Press Club, I would say that he has some pretty powerful handlers right now and is well protected. But wouldn’t that be just like Clinton…to take out his own son.

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