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The political spokesman for John Kasich announced today that Kasich had voted, and his choice for president was none other than John McCain.  His vote was a write-in, of course, but Kasich made his little statement or symbolic gesture.   Kasich, like millions of others, has decided that the year 2016 is as good a time as any to make a vote for a ghost candidate.   Gee, that sure felt good being able to go into the voting booth and giving Donald Trump and his supporters the middle finger.

And for all of Kasich’s pomp and circumstance involving his vote for McCain, it was absolutely a tribute to the Republican Establishment, and nothing more than that.  The vote was a directive to the Republican base. “You didn’t choose me, so stuff it.”  And with his empty token, he figuratively  saluted John McCain while throwing his arms around him and planting a big wet kiss right on his cheek.  “Oh, how I have missed the good ole days, Johnny, when we were in control.”

McCain was, in fact, one of the first people that Donald Trump skirmished with in the GOP Establishment.  McCain supports illegal immigration.  But John McCain is also the figurehead of everything establishment within the Republican Party.  A Senate dinosaur, McCain feels privileged after 29 years of helping the Democrats make public policy.   And he didn’t like Donald Trump bringing ginger ale to the elite’s cocktail party in the Beltway.

John Kasich may not have voted for Donald Trump, but he stayed in the GOP Primary race long enough to prevent Ted Cruz from winning.  Dropping out of the primary the day after Cruz, Kasich mooned the Texas United States Senator, and handed the nomination to Trump.  There was no doubt about it.  John Kasich’s role in the GOP Primary, after it became obvious that he was a no-go, was to take out the establishment candidates.  The GOP Establishment was fearful that Ted Cruz might beat Hillary Clinton.   And if that happened, the champagne fountains in Washington would be running dry for at least four years.

The GOP Establishment has put their money on Hillary since Trump took the nomination.  If they couldn’t have Jeb Bush or John Kasich, Hillary was their girl, even if they wouldn’t publicly admit it.  But now, since Kasich has thrown his vote away by voting for McCain, he just made Ohio one vote easier for Hillary Clinton to win.  So, if you connect the dots, Kasich may ‘say’ he doesn’t want Hillary Clinton, but he obviously has no problem with the state going her way.  It’s not what Kasich says.  It’s what he does.

Late in the primary process, in April of 2016, Speaker of the House John Boehner called Ted Cruz, “Lucifer in the flesh” and “a miserable son of a bitch.”  Boehner also said, “Donald Trump is my friend, we go fishing, we go texting, we go golfing, he’s my buddy.”  Boehner also praised Hillary Clinton.  I want to reiterate……..Boehner called Ted Cruz Lucifer, and praised Hillary.

John Kasich did not stay in the GOP Primary to help Donald Trump.  He stayed in the primary, when he had absolutely no victory path to a nomination, because he wanted Hillary Clinton to win.  Of course, wanting Clinton was contingent on the GOP Establishment candidate losing.  Kasich was certain that Clinton could beat Trump.  But after assisting Trump’s victory over Cruz, Kasich threw his vote to an Establishment candidate who is not only eighty years old, but a phantom candidate.

John Kasich is having trouble letting go.  He is yearning for those good ole days in Washington when John McCain, Mitch McConnell, and Lindsey Graham were the best that the Republicans had to offer.  He longs for the days when John Boehner called a sitting senator, that he didn’t even know, a son of a bitch and Lucifer in the flesh.  He pines for those sentimental moments when McCain called Ted Cruz and Rand Paul ‘wacko birds.”   John Kasich misses John McCain and the Establishment power so much that today he made Ohio one vote easier for Hillary Clinton to win.


  1. It is truly now or I fear never for the American vioter to make a difference. Washington has to be washed clean….the conservative christian, moral Harding working American must vote and vote smartly….we have to make a change in DC. All across the board.

  2. John Kasich and John McCain are both dinosaurs that need to hang up their political spurs and quit feeding from the public trough. Thanks for another great article Judy!

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