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It is the worst of times.  It is the best of times.  We are living in an incredible period of history.  We are experiencing the worst that man has to offer, but we are also experiencing the best that man has to offer.  We are witnessing, first hand, the fight between good and evil, not just in America, but in the world.

Some folks prefer to think that the end of the world is nigh, and there is nothing we can do about it.   I really don’t understand the defeatist and his woe is me attitude.  I assume that if we believe we are living in end times as prophesized, we don’t feel any accountability for our inaction.  We feel justified in being a bystander as evil seeps into every corner of our lives. “Hey, there’s nothing I can do about it.  It’s in the Bible.”  A belief that we are helpless to prevent the end of days is our personal permission to be a non-participant in the battle.

The problem with that argument is that generation upon generation have been certain that they were living out the end of days.  The people of the world have been expecting the events of Revelations for centuries.  And they saw the signs, just like the dooms-dayers see them today.  Every time that evil makes a dramatic appearance, millions of people prepare for the Second Coming.  But the Bible specifically tells us in the Book of Mathew that no one will know the day or hour, not even the angels in heaven.  Only the Father knows.

Most people with even a scintilla of sense are aware of the extraordinary presence of evil in our midst.  It is so thick that you can almost smell  and taste it.  And we can definitely see and hear it.  As frightening as the existence of this manifestation of wickedness may be, we still have our faith that at the end of this battle the light shines through the darkness.

Those, who choose to rest on their laurels while the battle of good versus evil rages, are doing themselves and their fellow man an injustice.  Actually, it’s a cop out.  The responsibility for the unrighteous state of the world falls upon the shoulders of all men, some more than others.  But it is up to all of us to make our little effort, whatever that may be, to reverse the evil course that we have set upon.

The events occurring within the United States, involving our election, and the exposure of Hillary Clinton and the globalists, represent an awakening occurring throughout the world.  The people of the world do not want tyranny and oppression.  Like Americans, they do not want to live under the dictates of global elites and their demonic subjugation. All men want freedom.   The entire world watches with great anticipation and distress as they view the reality of the drama being played out by our leaders and We the People.  The people of the world know that ‘as America goes, so goes the world.’

So, if we are facing the most breathtaking materialization of sinfulness that the world has seen in decades, how can it be that we are living in amazing times?   I cannot imagine a more worthwhile calling from God than to participate in the Good Fight.  Being alive to witness the standoff  between the evildoers and those men and women, who have answered God’s call to stand against the evil, is a gift.

The Good Fight will be long and hard.  It will drain our strength and bring to us much despair and suffering.  But what greater purpose has man than to fight the Good Fight?   It should be a privilege.  What an amazing time to be alive!

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