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I had honestly never heard of Pharrel Williams until today.  At least I don’t think I had heard of him, and if I had, he must have been someone I chose not to remember.  But for others like me, who prefer to live their lives unobstructed by people with the mentality of men or women like Williams, I will mention that he is a music producer and singer.

Today I read that Williams is asking women to elect Hillary Clinton for president, because according to the ‘Happy’ singer, ” If all the women in this nation decided to vote and support the first female candidate, there’d be nothing to worry about. It’s that easy.”   Williams admits that Clinton is dishonest, but hey Ladies, he said that you are dishonest, too.  So, don’t cast stones, okay?

Williams is pleading with the women to “save the nation” by not electing another ‘destructive’ male. In fact, Williams says that he is praying for the women to save the nation.  Hmm, let’s see now.  The women of the nation can’t save millions of aborted babies, so how in the heck can they be expected to save the nation?  In truth, millions of the nation’s women are members of the disgraceful and wicked abortion industry. But who’s counting anyway?

As a woman, it grieves me to come down so negatively about those individuals of my own gender.  It really does.  But asking women to vote for another woman simply because she is a woman is tantamount to calling all women ‘stupid.’  I know the women who will vote for Hillary, and frankly, I don’t even like being identified with these airheads.  And whether the ever- so- happy Williams realizes it or not, he just became a notorious sexist.  For a man to suggest that women vote for another woman, simply because she has the same anatomy, is egregiously derogatory. He is suggesting that we vote with our genitalia, not with our brains.

Each and every time I hear a politician or media personality speak of the ‘women’s vote,’ I want to exclude myself.  My vote is not a ‘woman’s vote’.  It is an ‘informed individual’s vote’.  Women have played the poor pitiful me card for so long that we are all cast as morons and not taken seriously for our knowledge or abilities to measure a candidate by his principles, not by her secretion of estrogen.

And the type of women who vote for Hillary champion this type of thinking. “I AM WOMAN HEAR ME ROAR!” is just another cattle call to women to fall in line.  Burn your bras and roar like a lion are typical feminist solutions to equality and independence.  There are never public challenges to women to think about the issues and choose the best candidate.  Women are directed, “Hey, look, there’s a woman on the ticket.  You’ve got to vote for her.”  And tragically, millions will do just that.  They will vote for Hillary because of her mammary glands.

If you are a woman, and you are not voting for Hillary Clinton, because she is dishonest, you really need to reconsider.  After all, according to Pharrell Williams,  all women are dishonest.  Thanks a lot Eve!




  1. Williams’ mindset is the same attitude that got Obama elected. Will we learn in time to look deeper than skin color or gender? I pray we do!

  2. I had a long conversation with an older black gentleman the other day. He has only voted 4 times in his life. His first vote was for Eisenhower and then not again until Obama. Of course he had to vote for him since he was black. Then comes Mrs Clinton and he had to vote for her because women are the mothers of all mankind. I asked him about her stand on abortion and he didn’t like that, asked about her lies and he didn’t like that and about the illegal things she has done and he didn’t like that, but Trump who he had worked for in NYC and always admired said bad words about women. You can’t fix stupid.

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