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“The Daily Commercial”, a Florida newspaper for Lake and Sumter Counties, is apologizing for its media bias during the 2016 election.  The newspaper is admitting that it has shown anti-Trump bias throughout the election cycle.  They defended their actions with the humdrum excuse that Trump gave them so much negative material to work with while Clinton was bland on the campaign trail.  Citing the general media bias as trickling down to their newspaper, “The Daily Commercial” made an attempt to acknowledge their unprofessional behavior.

While this particular Florida newspaper  tries to explain away its journalistic bigotry, I have to ask, “Where did this epiphany come from?”  Were the editors of this newspaper so incompetent that they didn’t believe that the public would catch on to their sleazy journalistic ethics?  Or were they so corrupt that they lost all sight of ethical journalism?

Covering one’s professional ass with the excuse that Hillary Clinton is bland on the campaign trail is akin to identifying Ted Bundy as a law student.  Focusing on Clinton’s campaign rhetoric and ignoring her decades long record of scandal after scandal is tantamount to eulogizing Bundy for his academic pursuits while ignoring his role as a serial rapist and murderer.  “The Daily Commercial’s” description of Hillary Clinton’s campaign as bland amidst the bountiful gift of a scandal-laden lifestyle should be an insult to its readers.

If “The Daily Commercial” really wants to own up to its lack of journalistic integrity, someone on their staff needs to publish a detailed account and admission of the collusion within the media to promote the Progressive and Democrat agenda.   If they want to apologize for withholding the truth, then it’s their responsibility to print the truth.  The mainstream media, with few exceptions, is corrupt within itself.  It is complicit in the overthrow of the United States Constitution by means of fraud.

The media fraudulently reports the news according to the way they want the news to be perceived.  They withhold stories which will cast an unflattering light on Democrats, Muslims, illegal immigrants, the Obama administration, the Clintons, the LBGT community, the transgender agenda, etc.  They exploit the stories which reveal conservatives as less than honest or immoral.  Slanting the journalistic content is now the standard of the media, be it newspaper, television, or online.

The ‘Fourth Estate’, otherwise known as the media or press, was designed to be a watchdog for the people.  Its purpose is to keep the people informed so that they may hold their political leaders accountable.  But the ‘Fourth Estate’ forgot its position and became a part of the power that it was presumed to be investigating.

The media has become an opportunity for celebrity status.  It has become entertainment rather than a source of reliable information.   The major news programs are now a mishmash of human interest stories, sexy women, food tips, political commentators, and faux-journalists.  The news is a mere sprinkling of substantive information amidst the weather report and the merrymaking.

In essence our network and cable news has generated into ‘variety shows,’  complete with personalities all competing for more ‘face time.’  Televised journalism creates superstars rather than Walter Kronkite wannabes.  Just ask Megyn Kelly.

Americans are in revolt of our entire system. We are renouncing the entire status quo.  We are disgusted with our governments, our leaders, our educational system, our banking system, our church leaders, and the media.  And the media is beginning to understand that frustration as they watch their viewership and readership audience drop off.  “The Daily Commercial” wants to apologize for their lack of journalistic principles.  But what I want to know is ‘what are they planning on doing about this media corruption?”   And make no mistake about it, the media bias is out and out corruption.

When you defraud anyone, be it the bank, a business partner, the American people, or your best friend, it is a form of corruption.  Our media is corrupt, and there is very little chance of fixing the problem until academia quits graduating progressive journalists.  The problem lies in the universities amongst the far-left professors who indoctrinate the future journalists.

We have a long road ahead. But if we have accomplished anything at all, it is to expose the entire media for its corruption.  What a bastardly lot they have become!


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