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As Americans finally begin to understand the scope of the overwhelming perils gathering like storm clouds over the nation, many react with anger, frustration, and determination to reverse the present progressive course.  Others prefer to tend only to their own personal lives and denounce the situation as too big to fix.  They point to half of the national voting population who are hapless dimwits and preparing to vote for Hillary Clinton.  Clinton’s  criminal activity,  pathological lying, scandal- rich background, arrogance, ties to George Soros, and admiration for Lucifer-worshipping Saul Alinsky, are irrelevant to those Americans who are participating in an election to put Hillary Clinton in the Oval Office.

Without a doubt, the dilemma is gargantuan.  But it is not, I repeat, it is not, ‘too big to fix.’   America has been in a horrible train wreck, and her bones are broken all throughout her body.  Many of the breaks are compound fractures.  She may need a body cast.  Fixing her will be at great cost.  It will take years of nursing and much rehabilitation.  The pain may be unbearable at times.  Infection will set in, and she could have  complications or even, God forbid,  an amputation.  But with the right care, she can survive.

What if the Founders of this great nation believed that the idea of America was too big?  What if the colonists, who wanted to reject the British tyranny, were so devastated by their own hardships that they had no will to even attempt to fight off the British imperialists?  The struggle for independence which was confronting the colonists was daunting.  The colonists were poor.  They were divided in their sentiment to reject the oppression of the British Crown.  The Loyalists, those colonists who were devoted to the throne, outnumbered the Patriots who were determined to reject and throw off the chains of a king.

The very odds of the Patriots defeating the British were slim to none.  Their disadvantages were monumental.  They had no financial system, no government, no army or navy, no banking system and no credit. The British hired German mercenaries, and colonial Loyalists fought the Patriots.  The Continental Army was woefully lacking in a an effective training regime, and they had no experienced officers or soldiers. At times they fought barefooted.

But the Patriots had what the British lacked.  They had a passion for liberty.  They understood the fundamental concept of essential freedom, and they were willing to sacrifice for it.  The signers of the Declaration of Independence were in effect signing their death warrants.  But these extraordinary men believed that they were ‘endowed by their Creator’ to have life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  These first generation Patriots knew they would die fighting for liberty.

The last line of  ‘The Declaration of Independence’  reads, ” For the support of this declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor.”  Sadly, in today’s America, freedom is no longer cherished.  It is a fleeting thought with little significance.  Gone is the spirit of the men who vowed to stand with their feet firmly rooted in the soil of independence and deliver their countrymen from the evils of oppression and tyranny.

Are we going to selfishly ignore the lessons of liberty handed down by our Founders?  Will we give tribute to the sacrifices made by these sons of liberty and find our own way of holding the course that they so valiantly set for us?  Or will we cower amidst the problems that we consider to be ‘to big to fix?”

It is time to pay honor to these first generation Patriots by not only acknowledging their sacrifices, but by upholding their embrace of courage and determination.  Will we be the people who will surrender to the darkness? Emphatically, NO!


God Bless America!


  1. It often amazes me that you so skillfully put my thoughts into written word. I fear the time is drawing near to test our will…may we be strong enough to do what needs to be done.

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