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After discussing the events following FBI Director James Comey’s reopening of the Hillary Clinton email case  with friends, I find that the conversation always comes around to, “With news this huge, why isn’t the media reporting it?”  And with that comment comes a look of skepticism.  It’s a reasonable assumption.  Why wouldn’t these revelations be all over the news?

But on second thought, do I really need to ask? Isn’t it pretty darn obvious why the media is not reporting it?  First and foremost, the mainstream media will not touch anything that will paint Hillary or Bill Clinton in a bad light.  They would recoil at the thoughts of playing a role in her political downfall.  Secondly, and this is only a guess on my part, but what are the odds that members of the media, like members of Congress and Hollywood celebrities, have been guests on Orgy Island?  I would say that the odds are great. And what about Fox News?  Why aren’t they reporting it?  We needn’t forget that Rupert Murdoch’s sons, James and Lachlan are liberals.  They have taken control of Fox since Fox reported the original reports of Bill Clinton’s relationship to Jeffrey Epstein and Orgy Island.

Thirdly, if, and I mean ‘IF’ the allegations as to the practice of Satanism among Washington insiders affixed to those of an organized pedophile sex ring operating within the nation’s capital and lawmakers is true, the ramifications of this development would be pivotal in terms of our entire system.  The effects on the Market would be disastrous, and we could literally be thrown into a civil war.  That is not to say that it should not be reported, because it would be imperative for the truth to come out.

And while Conservatives believe that a scandal of such epic proportions would guarantee a Trump win, I wouldn’t count on that.  I can speculate with great accuracy that the majority of Democrats would find excuses for these lurid and salacious scandals.  Think about it; any group of people who could condone the abortion industry and partial birth abortion is not going to be appalled with the revelation that members of their party are having sex with children.  Plain and simple.  Democrats are not moral in regards to what they are willing to accept from their leaders.  That is fact!

The leaks which have appeared regarding the Clintons are revolting but provocative, and if true, they are the greatest perversion of unbridled power and corruption in the modern world.  They involve the blackmail of and cooperation among political cronies which involves espionage, child porn, pedophilia, and the mistreatment of animals.

Political figures, celebrities, Wall Street Bankers, and other persons of influence or position are targeted for corruption and blackmail with the lure of sexual pleasures. They are blackmailed and put into compromising positions in which they are at the mercy of the powers that be.  It is the oldest story and game in the world, but we continue to find ourselves  to be amazed when it is disclosed.

Most thinking individuals have long sensed a blackmail scheme of sorts plaguing our lawmakers.  Too many of our elected officials and even Supreme Court Justice John Roberts, have gone to Washington only to reverse their positions on virtually all of their promises.  While it is reasonable to change a few of your positions based on classified information or debate which transpires during a fact-finding expedition, the average person with any character will not deviate far from his original standpoint.  But to the angst of most Republicans, who sent representatives to Washington to fight the status quo of progressivism,  the majority of these lawmakers switched sides midstream.  This behavior is not typical and would only be attributed to four scenarios, those being 1) blackmail, 2) bribery, 3) a vote exchanged for a favor or power, or 4) fear of retaliation directed at themselves or worse, a family member.

In the spring of this year, former House Speaker Dennis Hastert was convicted of illegally structuring bank transactions to cover up his blackmail payments for sex crimes against students decades ago.  There has been no mention of Hastert being involved in any pedophilia while in Washington, but the question should linger in the minds of the public.

Hillary Clinton is now warning that ‘fake’ WikiLeaks will soon be released.  Supposedly, the slow drip of leaks was intended to force Clinton out of the race with the least damaging surfacing first and the most damaging later.  She doesn’t care.  She is  confident that she can upstage any diabolical information that is exposed.  She knows her voting base well, and she knows that they don’t care a whit about her illicit or criminal activities.

The leaks of Clinton and her entourage being involved in Satanic rituals are real but unsubstantiated.  I prefer not to delve into the reality or fantasy of these allegations as I try to keep an open mind while sidestepping the conspiracy world.  There are kooks with conspiracy theories, and there are actual conspiracies which are so grotesque or fiendish that the mere thoughts of their validity cause the average person to resist the possibility.

The facts are presented.  The information is available for anyone who wants to do the research.  Many Republicans will look for the evidence.  Democrats will yawn.  After all, sexual perversion in the life of the Democrat is nothing more than an inborn characteristic.  But for now, real Americans are asking, “What in the hell is going on?”

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  1. I just don’t have any faith of the Clintons getting their just dues after the FBI dropped their case against her again. I’m finished!

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