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As peculiar as the entire chain of events which have transpired during this election cycle have been, I think that all reasonable people (which excludes liberals) could agree that the mainstream media is completely useless, unless you are searching for a few good laughs and the weather report.  But if you are a serious-minded individual hoping to find a truthful source of information, well all I can say is, “Good luck with that.”  Finding the entire truth, if even possible, involves research and an understanding of which sources are credible.  In fact, this country would not even be in this state of dystopia had it not been for our malfunctioning and corrupt media and their indoctrinating format.  Had our media been an informative wing of the established bureaucracy, dedicated to the truth and the preservation of liberty as our Founders intended, this national crisis of corruption could have been avoided.  Our media carries as much responsibility for the downfall of the republic as any politician to hold office.  An informed populace would have stopped this madness before it became an out- of- control establishment monster.

The information that I am going to present in this essay is questionable.  And I say this, because while the pieces of information fit into the puzzle of what is going on in Washington, I find the leaks, data, reports, allegations, and intelligence to be so damning and astonishing that I have trouble letting my mind accept it as plausible.  And if it eventually is irrefutable, I will undoubtedly struggle with finding it to be conclusive.  I am a realist with little regard for the world of the occult.

I live in the world of everyday people, who for the most part try to maintain a civil and decent existence.  The reports leaking out from information provided by intelligence, Wikileaks and Julian Assange, reputable internet sources, radio hosts, the FBI, and various other undercover investigators are  foreign to anything that I have ever known to be true in terms of the magnitude and participants.  I can only give it consideration as possible, because it is very possible.  But I draw the line with ‘probable.’  To believe it is likely is too earth-shattering.

The mind-boggling part of this drama begins with the reopening of the FBI’s case against Hillary Clinton and the emails.  FBI Director James Comey does an unbelievable about face just days before the presidential election and reopens a case he mishandled to begin with last summer. Accordingly, while investigating Anthony Weiner, the NYPD found around 650,000 emails attached to Hillary Clinton on Weiner’s laptop.  The emails provided links to not only Anthony Weiner and Jeffrey Epstein’s Orgy Island, but to his wife, Huma Abedin, and her involvement, as well as Hillary Clinton’s.  New reports show that both women visited Orgy Island multiple times.

The emails also provided links to Bill Clinton’s former Chief-of-Staff and Hillary Clinton confidante, John Podesta, and his involvement in the occult. An invitation to a Spirit-cooking dinner was included in the findings.  Spirit-cooking involves the mixing of menstrual blood, breast milk, goat’s milk, and semen, which is a sacrament in  Thelema, a religion of the occult.

Hundreds of emails uncovered by the NYPD and FBI involve evidence linking  Hillary and Bill Clinton and members of their campaign to pedophilia.  I can wrap my mind around Bill Clinton being involved with underage children but Hillary?  The emails contain coded passages which have code words specifically coinciding with child porn.  I have read many of  the bizarre emails, but I will not get into the details of the smut.  They are available for anyone who is interested in reading them.  I wanted to validate their existence in respect to sources, and I wanted to read them for knowledge.  Know your enemy.

Who is reporting on these grotesque findings and presumed facts?  There are several reputable people who have come forward and presented the information from inside leaks.  Erik Prince, a former Navy Seal and founder of Blackwater, a private military company, has been revealing insider information from both the FBI and NYPD.  Breitbart News is reporting on Prince’s allegations.  Infowars, Alex Jones, has been providing hours upon hours of detailed accounts of the emails and other pertinent information.  I have always found Jones to be a man with a double edged persona.  He is an overtly passionate and emotional man with a tendency to melodrama.  He is viewed by some to be over-the-top, but he is also applauded for his accuracy by reputable sources such as Matt Drudge.

Douglas Hagman of the Hagman Report is an investigative radio and print personality.   Twenty years ago Hagman was warning of a future Muslim invasion into America with the intent to build an American caliphate.  He warned of the corruption within the government, the collusion among Wall Street, the politicians, the big banks, and corporate America.  He was viewed as a radical at the time.  Today he would be a version of Paul Revere.

Steven Pieczenik is a former United States intelligence officer.  He comes with a boatload of credentials.  Mr. Pieczenik is a psychiatrist and classical pianist.  He was the Deputy Assistant Secretary of State under Henry Kissinger, Cyrus Vance, and James Baker.  He served in the capacity of assistant deputy secretary under the administrations of Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, and George H.W. Bush.   His expertise is foreign policy, international crisis, and psychological warfare.  He is a specialist on hostage taking and speaks five languages.  He was the federal government’s source on the mental state of the hostages during the Iran Hostage crisis.  In September of 1978 Pieczenik was at the Camp David negotiations leading up to the signing of the Camp David Accords. The man, without a doubt, is brilliant and reputable.

So, what is Pieczenik’s connection to the present crisis?  Pieczenik has made videos informing Americans of an internal ‘soft’ coup within the United States government focused on bringing down the crime ring of Bill and Hillary Clinton.  According to this highly accomplished individual, there have been brave men and women from intelligence agencies including the FBI, CIA, military intel, the Israeli intelligence agency, and fifteen other intelligence sources, who have come together for the purpose of exposing and stopping the corruption at the highest levels of the United States government. Pieczenik refers to this moment in our history as the Second Revolution. He praises Julian Assange for his courage in helping to inform the American people.

Insider information is leaking 1) Anthony Weiner’s emails tie Hillary Clinton, among others, to pedophilia.  2) A pedophilia sex ring is operating in our nation’s capital.  3) Hillary Clinton, John Podesta, and other well known dignitaries and celebrities are associated with the occult and Satanic rituals.  4)  Weiner and Huma Abedin are cooperating with the authorities.  5)  The Department of Justice is forbidding the NYPD from releasing information and preventing the issuing of warrants. 6)  There is a mutiny within the FBI regarding the actions of James Comey and his non-indictment of Hillary Clinton last summer.  7) The NYPD police chief is sickened by what he has seen in the emails. 8) There are videos of high profile people engaged with young children sexually.  These are just a few of the leaks accompanied by a promise of more to come.

Why isn’t the media on top of this information, and is Hillary Clinton involved in Satanism?  I will attempt to address that in the conclusion of this three part essay…to be continued.



  1. Oh God, deliver us from these Devils! I believe this as I have been doing research on it and I have always believed they leave a trail of bodies behind them.

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