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I will confess at the onset of this piece that I was very hesitant in writing about the content of which you are about to read.  I am a cautious person in regards to information which is bizarre, inconceivable, and uncomfortable to comprehend.  I am skeptical when people are alleged to have performed acts which are beyond the scope of ‘typical’ deviancy.  And while I will write what is being leaked and reported upon by legitimate and credible sources, I will not attach my opinion to this particular piece, because simply, I am asking the same questions as everyone else.  I want to know, “What in the hell is going on?”

About two years ago Fox News reported on a story in which Prince Andrew of Britain’s royal family was alleged to be engaging in pedophilia at a get away in the Virgin Islands.  One of the young girls, who had been part of an orgy with eight other underage girls and Andrew, had obtained lawyers and was talking.  According to the report, there were other well known celebrities who had visited Orgy Island.  Personalities such as the obnoxious defense attorney from the infamous OJ Simpson murder trial, Alan Dershowitz, and actor, Kevin Spacey, were two of the high profile individuals listed as attendees at Orgy Island.

Shortly after the news broke about Prince Andrew’s alleged pedophilia, Fox News reported that Bill Clinton had also been accused of involvement with underage girls at Orgy Island.  Flight logs to the island revealed that Clinton had flown on the ‘Lolita Express’ 26 times.  My interest peaked when I learned that Clinton was involved with underage girls.  I wasn’t surprised, but the circumstances surrounding Orgy Island were more than unusual.  They were outlandish, and they were what could have been the plot of a Tom Clancy or Brad Thor adventure.

The players in this massive crime ring and cover-up are both well-known and people who fly under the radar.  The most prominent player would be Jeffrey Epstein, the billionaire and convicted pedophile, who owns Little St. James Island, otherwise known as Orgy Island and Sex Slave Island.  The Island is in the Virgin Islands, and it houses Epstein’s sprawling estate on its seventy-two acres.   The dwelling on the compound which is the alleged residence for the sexual activities is a Moloch Temple complete with a forty foot owl on the top.

Epstein procured girls as young as twelve to service his friends on this infamous island.  Visitors to the island reportedly engaged in ancient fertility rites with these minors. The ‘Lolita Express’ is Jeffrey Epstein’s Boeing 727 in which he flies his guests to and from the island.  These are ‘facts’, not supposition.  As I wrote, Epstein was convicted of pedophilia, and his island is not from the imaginations of a thriller novelist.  And again, while the mainstream media works around the clock to protect the Clintons, Fox News reported on these events multiple times.

It is at this point in my article that the allegations and details begin to get weird, really, really weird.  I am so reluctant in writing this information that I want to reiterate that this piece is NOT a commentary.  I am non-committal in my opinion, because I am a skeptic by nature.  Facts are crucial to my thinking, so I carefully attribute what is alleged and by who.  It is up to the reader to decide  which source they find to be credible as I am only going to put the information out there.  This one is a figure- it- out- yourself essay.

However, with the present state of the political landscape, the leaked information coming forth from WikiLeaks, the reopening of the FBI case against Hillary Clinton and her criminal email activity , the New York Police Department’s newfound evidence against Anthony Weiner, the Department of Justice’s mandate to the NYPD demanding that they cancel a press conference to announce forthcoming warrants, reports of mutiny within the FBI, and multiple other unprecedented events occurring just days before the election of not only our lifetime but of America’s lifetime, every person with a useful thought (and that would automatically exclude liberals), should be asking, “WHAT IN THE HELL IS GOING ON?”


This  essay is to be continued.  Part II will include the newest allegations against not only the Clintons but heads of state and celebrities.   It will entail the creepiest and most ghoulish assertions ever to be directed at a public official or figure.


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