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FBI Director James Comey disappointed law-abiding Americans today as he announced to the country, for the second time, that the FBI had found no illegal emails linked to Hillary Clinton on Anthony Weiner’s computer.  Yet, it was only one week ago that Comey had reopened the Clinton email case due to information and advice he had received from his FBI investigative staff and New York Police Department findings.  Why did Comey even bother going through the motions of appearing to be seeking justice, when he knew all along that he would be ordered to back off.  Just as the Benghazi heroes were commanded to ‘stand down,’  Comey  received his ‘stand down’ directive.

But the truth is not what it appears.  In reality, James Comey knew weeks before his announcement, in which he advised the public that he was reopening the case,  that the new emails had been found.  He had pressure applied from an unknown source, possibly his own bureau, to take up this horribly botched case again.  The Clinton campaign was obviously in a panic.  Clinton’s poll numbers fell throughout the week, and then, like magic, within one week of investigation, the FBI chief redirects his agency to close the case for the second time.  And he does it suddenly, on a Sunday, one day before the election of the century.  The timing is bizarre as was Comey’s decision to close the case.

Comey’s face tells the story. The stress and confusion written across the face of the man who holds the future of this republic in his decision-making, reveals a frightened or intimidated man.  I don’t know whom this guy crossed or possibly whom he may have bedded, but James Comey is a bought man, and I will never believe otherwise.  Perhaps he has momentary lapses in which he wants to step out of the cauldron he has fallen into, but like all of the high power players in Washington, Comey owes someone.  He is someone’s political crony.  He is a Clinton “yes man.”

Comey’s statement that he was closing the Clinton email case for the second time was like a gut punch to conservatives who have been waiting for Hillary Clinton to receive the justice she deserves.  A woman who is burdened with multiple scandals and criminal investigations should have never been allowed to even serve as a party candidate.  But the Democrats and the Clintons do not follow the same set of laws that are intended for ‘We the Little People.’  And we are getting damn sick and tired of it.

James Comey’s declaration of closing the Clinton case was a tourniquet on the hemorrhaging campaign of Hillary Clinton.  Within the eleventh hour the Democrats were in a panic, and Comey was used to apply the pressure to the blood flow.

So, while the Clintons and Democrats are celebrating another illicit win for Hillary, the conservatives are licking another ill-gotten wound from a corrupt establishment that is  assisted by an unscrupulous media.

It is unclear whether the Democrats understand the gravity of the contentions building within the minds and hearts of the nation’s conservatives and Republicans.  There is intentional malfeasance at the highest levels of government, and it is being used against us to assure a Hillary Clinton win and the continued advancement of the incremental dismantlement of America.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016 will not be the end of the ‘Battle for America’.  It will be the beginning.   There will be no circumstances in which the Republicans concede to Hillary Clinton if she is declared the winner.  Donald Trump may concede under those circumstances, and he might not.  But we all know the election is rigged via media propaganda, fraudulent voting, George Soros linked voting machines, dead people voting, etc.  It was reported today that Barack Obama is advising illegals to get out and vote.  A United States President willfully urging foreigners to break our laws is in itself an infringement on the Constitution.

It is becoming more and more obvious that we are not going to be able to vote our country back.  We are going to have to take our country back.  This battle is just beginning!  God Bless America!


  1. Amen ! And Im ready to die to take it back. Ive lived long enough. If Civil War starts Im headed to DC ! Unless its Texas. Then Ill go to Texas.

  2. I’m afraid you are right.

    A civil war is coming regardless of who wins, and it will be ugly. Trump pulled the covers back and exposed the establishment for the single party that it is. Those he inspired and the true conservatives can’t let it go, and the Dims could not tolerate a Trump (or anyone who is not a democrat) ruling.

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