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It’s finally here.  The ‘showdown’ has arrived.  Either tomorrow marks a new beginning with the defeat of Hillary Clinton or tonight marks the ‘Eve of Destruction.”  But come what may, one way or another, Americans will be taking their country back.  Tomorrow’s election results  will simply reflect how we reverse the transformation which is well under way.   Will we gradually roll back the progressive policies, which have been deceptively forced upon us, and elect Donald Trump, while having faith that he will overturn or repeal much of the unconstitutional legislation?  Will we challenge an illegitimate Hillary Clinton win?  Or will we accept a Clinton win and revolt through a process of civil disobedience?

The events of the last week surrounding the bogus reopening of the Hillary Clinton email investigation by FBI Director James Comey may have concluded with an embarrassing statement by Comey rescinding the investigation.  And the Clinton crowd, mainstream media, and liberal loons may have been celebrating, but it was not a loss for conservatives and law-abiding Americans.  You see, folks, we can’t lose to these people unless we choose to do so.  We will not lose our country unless we choose cowardice over courage.

Tomorrow’s election results will not be decided by Comey’s change in direction.  Hillary voters and anyone who has even considered voting for Hillary will not be swayed by her guilt anyway.  They don’t care that she is a corrupt woman with a scandalous and criminal background.

In some respects Comey’s dishonorable decision, FOR THE SECOND TIME, was an unintended gift to Conservatives.  It may have not been a feel-good gift that we prefer to have, but it was one of those gifts that we find when we notice the silver lining in a cloud.  Amidst the disappointment of being smacked by the failure of our judicial system, once again, we got the message, and we got it in a big way.  James Comey indirectly told the American people that the justice system is officially dead.  We already knew this in our hearts, but we hoped beyond hope that just maybe Comey had examined his heart and decided to seek justice.  But he didn’t.

If Comey smacked the American people in the face last July when he closed the Clinton email case, he kicked them in the teeth when he reopened it and closed it again within a week.  Sometimes people have to have their faces rubbed in the mud before they get fightin’ mad.  And not until Americans get fightin’ mad will they have the passion to stand in defiance against the oppression and tyranny.  Comey’s contemptible respect for the rule of law was the death knell for our justice system.

If Donald Trump wins the election tomorrow night, we are in for a fight.  The Left will never accept it.  And if he loses, we are in for a bigger fight.  Avoiding a confrontation with the Washington establishment and Liberals will be unavoidable.  Prayers are good, but they aren’t enough.  Civil disobedience will not be an option.  It will be the only alternative.  The time for tough talk is over.


God Bless America!


    • Bryan, we’ve been playing nice far longer than we should have. I’m a firm believer in playing nice. And when playing nice doesn’t work, then I’m a firm believer in kicking ass…in that order. Civil disobedience is in order when your government is oppressive. And I emphasize ‘civil.’

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