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It’s finally here. Election day has arrived, and with shattered nerves we will await the election results. If there is a landslide in any direction, we will know the winner before we retire for the night. But if the race is tight, it could be days before we know anything. I would expect challenges by the candidates which could take days to unravel.

Amidst all of the hopes for a Trump win comes the dreaded thought, “What if Hillary Clinton is elected?” Aside from the moments of emotional pain that we will instantly feel, most of us will have a moment of nausea. Disregarding the continuation of Barack Obama’s unconstitutional transformation to the country that Clinton will advance, we will have no other recourse than to accept the reality that the United States is officially a banana republic. The election of a criminal, who has been protected and energized by the United States Justice Department and other federal authorities, will tell the tale of a country on the fast track to a Venezuela-style decline.

Never before in the history of this country has an individual, who has been publicly exposed for his unethical, scandalous, overt lying, and criminal activities, been considered for a presidential nomination. Hillary Clinton has been the subject of an FBI investigation while running for the presidency. This speaks to the depth of the corruption within the federal government. It also speaks to the lack of principle within the Democrat Party. And if she is elected, the corruption will be all-consuming, reaching epic proportions.

A Hillary Clinton presidency will accelerate the social engineering which has been a destructive force in the lives of our children in particular. The children will continue to be indoctrinated in the public school system with both subtle and not-so-subtle programs designed to erase their abilities to think critically while encouraging them to think and view life through a secular prism. God will be removed from the Pledge of Allegiance, and the school curriculum will involve an interdisciplinary/cross-curricular style of teaching which introduces anti-God, progressive, gender-free, and collective thought. Kids in kindergarten will be experimenting with sex in terms of bi-sexual, transgender-inducing thinking, and pedophilia.

Migrants and illegals will pour into the country at break-neck speeds, and the economy will plummet as the welfare roles grow, and the jobs dry up. And what few jobs become available will be given to the migrants and illegals. Transgenders, gays, bi-sexuals, and any sexually-challenged individual will receive special attention in regards to employment. White males will be considered last in respect to higher education and the work force. And what jobs do become available for white males will be minimum wage positions.

Right-wing media will come under fire and the sponsors of conservative media will be threatened to withdraw their sponsorship. The mainstream media will not only continue to carry water for Clinton, but they will applaud her non-existent accomplishments and exalt her position as the first woman president, ad nauseum. This morning’s ‘New York Times’ headlines read, “CLINTON TAKES SUNNY APPROACH AS TRUMP HAS DARK WARNINGS.” If Hillary is president, the New York Times will shower her with accolades befitting only a war hero.

We know for certain that Hillary’s emails were hacked by five countries which are best described as unfriendly to America. This is not a leak. It is a reported detail of the investigation. We know for fact that she allowed her maid to print off classified information. Her complete disregard for the national security of the American people speaks volumes as to her abilities as Commander-in-Chief. And when you factor in the Benghazi massacre and her callous perspective of the deaths of the Americans and their grieving families, we know that she cannot be trusted to handle foreign policy.

The Supreme Court will be stacked with a progressive, un-American judiciary which will abandon all pretext of adhering to the United States Constitution.

In short, within the first term of a Hillary Clinton presidency, the republic will no longer be on life support. It will be dead!


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  1. 2016 has been a referendum on the Constitution.

    The Dims don’t hide their belief that the Constitution is outdated and needs to be revised to fit their agenda. If Hillary is elected, she will probably get to appoint 3 Supreme Court Justices, as Ruth Bader Ginsberg has indicated she is ready to retire either way. With the ages of the other Justices, the chances of one of them dying or retiring is pretty good. Chief Justice Roberts has shown that he is either liberal or the Dims have something on him. A 6-3 or 7-2 Supreme Court (not counting the iffy Chief Justice) could damage our Constitution beyond repair.

    The Republicans have shown that the Constitution is not so important to them too. Ted Cruz was the best candidate we have had since Reagan. The Republican establishment sabotaged his run, leaving us with Trump. I think Trump loves America and will be the best President since Reagan, but his hair trigger temper and off the cuff remarks made him a target for the media and affected his electability. He will make changes in our economy that would not be good for our 401(k)s and IRAs in the short term, but would be good in the long run. He would reform our deformed education system, sending control back to the states. His appointments to the Supreme Court would not be detrimental to our constitution.

    Our Constitution lasted over 200 years, and it will be missed if Hillary gets to change it over the next four years. God Bless this country. It surely needs it.

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