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We didn’t dig a tunnel, and we didn’t use TNT. But on Tuesday, November 8, 2016, the American people effectively broke down the door of the Progressive Prison where we have been held in captivity for eight years. The first stone for Progressive Prison was set into the foundation well over a hundred and fifty years ago. It was a long and tedious labor of tyranny, but the Progressives within our society were patient.

They understood that the work on the prison must be performed in incremental steps of covert activity, which was intended to veil the construction of this albatross that was soon to be a threat to the United States Constitution and the fundamental freedoms of We the People. As the prison began to take form, they operated in the shadows and cloaked the framework with a veil of deception. One of their own Progressive disciples, Saul Alinsky, even composed a detailed program for the Progressive radicals to follow.

The American people were not warned as to the subtle and not-so-subtle Progressive indoctrination being presented to the American youth in upper and lower academia. They were not advised as to their cherished liberties of which they would be mandated to forfeit when the prison was complete. The Progressives were erecting a social and cultural structure which was camouflaged in a phony disguise of compassion and equality.

And during this entire clandestine process, which occurred in broad daylight, yet obscured with a complicit media which had been marinated in the kitchens of the Ivy League propaganda universities, most of the American people were clueless. Most Americans had never been exposed to the ideology of Progressivism or even heard of the prison being erected in its honor.

When the word began to seep out to the unsuspecting masses that an institution, which was dedicated to the elites and their accumulation of power, was in the finishing stages of development, there was panic as cogent and commonsensical citizens began to revolt and organize. Working together in an outreach of never-before seen urgency to halt the construction of the Progressive Prison, the Patriots were successful in breaking down the door of Progressive Prison. The Prison had been roofed and landscaped, but the door which confined the American people had not yet been bolted. That was to be the task of Hillary Clinton.

The American people finally saw the materialization of Progressive Prison before Hillary Clinton had the opportunity to lock them in for generations to come. And they stopped her. Unfortunately, as liberty-loving Americans are fleeing the prison for their lives and running like hell to escape the internment, weak Americans, who cannot out-think the propaganda machine, are staying in the prison, even though the door was opened. They continue to eat the dog crap that is served to the inmates. And they are angry with those Americans who have escaped and plan to bulldoze the entire prison.

The Progressives and ‘useful idiots,’ who have been groomed to do the bidding of the Progressives, will not accept the reality of the orchestrated and public escape from Progressive Prison. No matter how far the Patriots run, they will never escape or avoid the final showdown with the inmates who chose to remain in the prison. Because the inmates realize that the Patriots must live within the walls of the prison. Without them, the entire progressive system collapses within itself. The Patriots are the workers who fund the construction and the maintenance of the jail. Progressive Prison cannot function without the Patriots. They are the cornerstone of the prison and without them the entire project is worthless. Without the cooperation and sacrificed lives of the Patriots, Progressive Prison must close.

Donald Trump’s election to the United States presidency is only one step in the demolition of Progressive Prison. The Patriots are out and on the move. But running isn’t enough. The escape is only the initial stage in the process. The hard work is yet to come. It will take years of dismantling this mammoth establishment. Some of us will have to go back into the facility to undermine their resolve to fight back. There will be progressive barbwire and explosive devices along the way, and our kids must be taught to recognize them.

It will take many years to dismantle, but we will do it. The escape from Progressive Prison was an historical accomplishment. We need to celebrate the victory and look towards the next roadblock! We must tear the prison down!

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