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The racial politics that Barack Obama inseminated into the culture and social fabric of America will be, by far, one of the most destructive and divisive remnants of his legacy. Obama, along with race hustlers, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, inspired unjustified hatred among malcontent Blacks that resulted in the deaths of many of our nation’s finest law enforcers.

As the nation’s first president of color, Obama could have and should have been the poster child of America’s success in achieving a post-racial society. Having been the recipient of this unprecedented honor of being the first black president, he had the opportunity to unite the races in an extraordinary fashion of solidarity. And yet, he made a concerted effort to divide the people. He played the role of a black president with a chip on his shoulder and animosity in his heart for the white man, and people of color noticed in a very big way. Obama gave the unofficial and silent nod to minorities to resent and seek reprisal for imagined racist transgressions by the white man.

Not only did BO encourage bitterness for the white man within the African-American community, but he watched silently as minorities burned cities and killed police officers as they were fueled by the advocacy of a sitting president. While American communities were being burned by the angry mobs of Black Lives Matter, Barack Obama watched silently. There is no doubt to any thinking man that he was instrumental in the incitement of racial unrest.

White privilege and white guilt are both terms perpetuated by the Progressives in their attempt to destroy white America. College campuses have been openly indoctrinating the nation’s children by urging them to think in terms of white privilege and white guilt rather than the unification of humanity. Shaming white people for merely being white has become the focal point of social justice. Punishing the white man for his color is racist. But in the crazy world of the Progressives, people of color cannot be racist.

The day following the election of President-elect Donald J. Trump, Van Jones decided to blame Trump’s win on a ‘Whitelash.’ Jones accused whites of choosing a president who would erect a white nationalist barrier for minorities. We must remember, Van Jones was a noted communist who served in Obama’s White House.

If we follow Van Jones’ racist rationale, any white man ever to be elected again will be said to have won due to a “Whitelash”. If indeed it was a “Whitelash”, it was a multi-colored “Whitelash as people of all colors voted for Trump. Van Jones and Obama think in terms of color, but liberty-loving people come in all colors.


  1. The subject of race in America is so very complicated. Unbeknownst to most whites, African Americans seem to self identify via race first, while unbeknownst to blacks, whites almost never think to use race when describing themselves. That in and of itself makes for a huge clue about why there is such a skewed perspective in how blacks and whites view each other. The first black president had the most incredible platform most especially for understanding some of the often damaging misconceptions of blacks and whites and then helping them come together, yet chose in his Progressive (at a minimum) ideology to destroy and cause unwarranted distrust rather than build a bridge for healing. This is but one of his abuses of power. Shameful.

  2. Obama’s goal was diversification, Trump’s campaign was based on unification. Unification may make us the United States od America again.

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