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The American ship dodged a glacial mass this week, otherwise known as Hillary Clinton. It was an extremely close call, and most of the passengers celebrated. Others remained in their deck chairs, completely oblivious to the reality of the collision and too drunk on champagne to understand the ramifications of a sinking ship. Those who had free tickets for the ride didn’t mind if the ship took on water, just as long as they weren’t expected to work by bailing it out.

All in all, it was an occasion for much joy, and the heavens knew that the American people needed a moment of relief. We the People needed a win from which to draw more energy as we continue through this ice field. The Clinton Glacier may have been the largest cap in the ice floe, but there are other smaller bergs all throughout these unchartered waters, and they are deadly. Many are not visible as they rest under the water. And sadly, the American radar screen is badly in need of repair.

It looks as though the Baby Boomers must navigate the polar waters. The primary reason that the United States has fallen prey to the anti-American Progressives is this; The American radar system has been intentionally broken by the Progressives in order to confuse the citizens. A disoriented citizenry cannot effectively recognize their adversaries. The enemies, aka. the Progressives, are well financed and well organized, and in respect to the unsuspecting masses, they were covert. But in recent years they have disclosed their agenda and their intentions.

The Progressive movement in America was never completely buried. It wasn’t really an underground network. It was above ground and working under-the-table. Many inner circles of the Establishment were well aware of the Progressive threat, and many were linked to this philosophy which held such animus for the United States Constitution. But the few voices within the Establishment, who recognized the deadly game that the Progressives had so furtively introduced into the American mainstream, were silenced by the intimidating forces within the Progressive society. Progressives are cut from the cloth of radical Saul Alinsky, who rubs elbows with Lucifer. In his book, “Rules For Radicals,” Alinsky dedicated his work to the prince of the underworld. Alinsky is the modern day face of Progressives, and Hillary Clinton not only wrote her college thesis about the work of this extremist, but she praises her past association with him. In short, the Progressives are allies with unholy forces.

The election of Donald Trump was momentous as it was a monumental setback for the Progressives. But liberty-loving Americans need to understand that it was only a setback. These people, who comprise the Progressive Army, are not only well-financed, but they are ruthless. They have devoted their lives to the concept of globalism, and globalism cannot become a reality without the complete takedown of the United States. America is the linch pin for the success of globalism. Without her, the globalists are vulnerable. And they are not, I repeat, THEY ARE NOT GOING TO GIVE HER UP WITHOUT A FIGHT!

And this is where the Baby Boomers pick up the torch. Like it or not, the salvation of the republic falls onto the shoulders of the Baby Boomers. For various reasons the Boomers are the only generation who can defeat the Progressives. That is not to say that Americans from younger and older generations are not necessary, but the Boomers must lead this fight. The Greatest Generation has become frail and many fail to recognize the threat coming from the Left. The Millenials were intentionally denied the education and critical thinking skills necessary to understand the concepts of totalitarianism and tyranny. Like so many of the aging Americans who fought in the world wars, the Millenials have no experiences or knowledge from which to identify the Progressive perils. It isn’t their fault, but it is an unfortunate truth.

While many Baby Boomers are approaching the age in which their minds and bodies are showing signs of wear and tear, many Boomers have their health. There are hundreds of thousands of Boomers who are healthy and strong with mental clarity. This generation received their education when the school systems were not yet heavily influenced by the Progressive Movement, and Progressive educators such as John Dewey had not removed the lessons of critical thought from the classroom.

Yes, there are Baby Boomers who bought into the progressive propaganda, but that’s not because they weren’t warned of oppressive governments. They chose to ignore the warning signs so as to justify their alliance with the Democrat Party. They are the former hippies who never grew out of their “Utopia-troubled minds.”

As Donald Trump prepares for his administration and hopefully follows through with his promises to reverse the damaging policies of Barack Obama, Baby Boomers need to engage in the fight for the country. Every institution needs to be targeted for a realignment. The educational system, the media, the entertainment industry, and even the churches need to be purged of the Progressive influence and disinfected.

If Americans choose to remain bystanders rather than to be active participants in the resurrection of a republic on life support, they will awaken to a Democrat president in four years and the nightmare will begin again. Ground Hogs Day will be our accepted way of life as we relive the past eight years each and every day.

Take the helm, Baby Boomers. It’s all yours. Now is the time to reverse course!


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