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I was teaching a history unit on World War I a few weeks ago, and the class was discussing the sentiments of the European people which led to the events that triggered the war. According to the textbook, which is your typical progressive-indoctrinating assigned reading requirement, ‘militarism’ and ‘nationalism’ were leading causes of the first world war. The conventional assumption is that ‘nationalism’ is destructive to world peace. For Progressives who seek the ultimate goal of globalism, nationalism is a negative force which contributes to regional wars and global conflicts. And the academic world is burning the midnight oil to ensure that the youth of today are turned off to a ‘love of country’ while turned on to global governance.

Nationalism is a patriotic sentiment of political independence for a particular country. It is used in reference to collective identities that include a shared history, law, language, political rights, religions, and traditions. The term is used in connection with political autonomy and self determination. Yet, in today’s progressive translation, ‘nationalism’ is branded as an extreme feeling of superiority that people of one nation have over another.

Globalists must depict a love of country as a negative concept to promote world unity rather than national unity. Just as the Progressive globalists push for open borders, they simultaneously work to break the cohesive ties within a nation. The migrant crisis in Europe is a direct effort on the part of the globalists to break the human tendency to nationalize. By inserting the Islamic world of the migrants into the western world of the Europeans, the culture, language, religion, and traditions are immediately weakened. Any nationalistic tendencies evaporate with the influx of millions of migrants who refuse to assimilate.

The Progressive globalists have been successful in creating the same anti-nationalist mood in the United States. The open border, anti-American crowd is nothing more than the opposing team to the love-of-country Americans. The globalists must dismantle the nationalist spirit to effectively sow the seeds of globalism. But Americans, following in the footsteps of their colonial brethren, are a stubborn lot who will not concede their legacy of sovereignty and liberty.

Much to the dismay of the Progressive globalists, the election of Donald Trump was spurred by the kindling of a nationalist fire burning its way across the country. The media, the Democrats, and the global elites are furious and frightened as the fire has become an uncontrollable brush fire. And for the first time in decades, the Democrats find themselves powerless to extinguish the fire.

When Donald Trump won the presidential election and closed the door on Hillary Clinton’s expectations of being the first woman president of the United States, the media was in a state of shock. They have since recovered from their shell shock, and they are trending back into their obnoxious and biased mode of operation, that being media bias laced with deception. By characterizing Conservatives and Trump supporters as ‘nationalists,’ in particular ‘white nationalists,’ they are demonizing love of country and attempting to promote the Trump presidency as racist.

At one point in time, in the not-so-distant past, the Left, or globalists, were successful in portraying nationalism as racism. Nationalists were falsely accused of being white supremacists. But somewhere between being called racists, bigots, and homophobes, We the People began shrugging off the ill-conceived name-calling. We are Patriots who believe that America is exceptional, that people of all colors are equal in the eyes of God, that we have inalienable God-given rights, and that we are a force of good throughout the world.

And that’s just the way it is. Globalists have lost America, and the election of Donald Trump was the moment that they realized they had miscalculated their strength and the Americans’ intense desire for liberty. Our Founding Fathers gave us this country. They gave us our Bill of Rights and our Constitution. And we are going to fight to keep them. Globalists can interpret that statement any way that they please.



  1. I have no desire to swing on a grapevine or ride a donkey anywhere. Ill keep my modern America that my ancestors built for me and all AMERICANS. I could care less about the rest of the world.

      • One more thing again. I want trump to stop all payments to the UN above the average each country gives. Charge them for their space in NYC, and cut foreign aid at least by half. NO money, send food.

  2. That was a good read Judy, and it very much echoes my sentiments on the subject. The global elites must vilify everything that we hold dear and attach labels that identify us the negative forces in the world. We don’t have to let them have their way on this one, and we won’t give it up.

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