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When it comes to social justice, multiculturalism, political correctness, abortion, and accusations of bigotry, homophobia, Islamaphobia, and racism, along with a myriad of other phony allegations by loony Liberals and Progressives, millions of Americans, including me, have tired of the entire hoax. We have been manipulated and exploited for more than two decades, and we are opting out of your incessant determination to dismantle our republic through the enslavement of the working class.

Having been oppressed by an abusive system, which has become a ravenous machine which gobbles up everything in its path, law-abiding, tax-paying citizens have waited patiently for our leaders to repair and reset the national structure which brought our republic to greatness. We have been accommodating to the less fortunate among us. We have even indulged the lazy freeloaders. But it is never enough.

Illegal immigrants from other nations have been welcomed into our country by our arrogant and lawless bureaucrats, to live at our expense. Barack Obama’s administration went so far as to ‘advertise on billboards’ in Mexico and Central American countries, inviting the citizens of these foreign nations to come to America for food cards. Free cell phones were handed out to indigents, most of whom were capable of working but chose not to.

While working Americans have neglected their own health due to out-of-control, exorbitant medical costs, Liberals have joined together to ensure that non-citizens, who have never contributed to our system and even despise us, receive endless, free healthcare. We are disrespected by our fellow Americans who feel ‘entitled’ to what our money can do or buy for them.

Our hard-earned money has been confiscated unjustly to buy influence, appease foreign despots, and create a permanent and uncontrollable welfare class complete with a ‘D’ for Democrat tattooed on their foreheads. Furthermore, you have enabled Islamic extremists, who seek to harm our children and deconstruct our western culture. And then you deny the acts of terror that they have publicly committed.

You Liberals have endangered our daughters by permitting men in their bathrooms, dressing rooms, and shower rooms. You encourage sexual deviancy among our children by presenting transgenderism, homosexuality, and other unorthodox lifestyles as normal and an alternative to heterosexuality. You implemented inferior educational programs into our schools to intentionally dumb down our kids in efforts to produce dependent, emotionally weak adults.

And then there were the babies. In what has to be the most heinous act of modern history, you planted the Democrat flag and your party allegiance, right in the middle of the abortion rights quagmire. Liberals made abortion their litmus test for every candidate seeking higher office. If a candidate was pro-life, Liberals did not support him. Yes, the disgusting Liberals found abortion to be the most prominent piece of legislation for the entire party. But abortion alone in the first trimester wasn’t enough for the bloodthirsty Liberals. Liberals demanded that full tem babies were to be dismembered and removed from their mothers wombs, if the so-called mother chose to approve of the abortion. When Planned Parenthood was discovered to be selling the body parts of the aborted babies, you defended the clinic and insisted that Planned Parenthood continue to be funded with our money.

So, now you are suffering from shell shock, because real Americans united behind a candidate who had a ‘kick ass’ message. We decided that we could overlook his flaws in favor of what he could do to your policies, the policies in which you invoked by ignoring our constitutional rights.

We are no longer willing to play nice. We will take our country back one way or another. The election of Donald Trump occurred because of the “SHOVE IT EFFECT.” It is only Step I in the process to reclaim America as the Founders intended. One week ago today, as you awoke to the reality that your party was over, millions of Americans were elated. We finally won a battle which has been a long time coming, and we effectively told you to, “Shove it.”


  1. Mic drop at the end!!! “Elated” is right! You have such a gift – glad to see you’re using it so aptly to speak for so many of us!!!

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