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Isn’t it amazing how the course of events can take an unexpected turn or twist in the time it takes to have an election? On November 7, 2016 the media was continuing with its phony reporting that the Republican Party was dead in the water. According to the gleeful bunch of Hillary-supporting correspondents and broadcasters, Donald Trump had effectively split the GOP. It was all over except for the fat lady singing.

But unbeknownst to these counterfeit journalists, Rosie O’Donnell would be singing for the Democrat Party, not the victorious Republican Party. And the sobs could be heard on MSNBC, CNN, NBC, and other illegitimate sources of news, as the election results rolled in on November 8, 2016, and their nightmare became a reality. Teary-eyed pseudo-journalists did not even attempt to disguise their media bias as the votes were tallied. With droopy, sagging faces, the Hillary Clinton bootlickers launched into their ‘this can’t be happening’ coverage of the election that they had personally engineered to put Clinton into the White House.

After craftily orchestrating a presidential campaign which almost ensured a Clinton win, the media was completely dumbfounded and overwhelmed by the change in the direction that they had so notably charted. Temporary paralysis began to set in. The outcome of the election was not as it had been designed by the Democrat Party and the complicit media sycophants. Something had gone horribly wrong.

While the media had been projecting a surge in Blue America, it had suddenly become apparent that Red America was alive and not only kicking, but expanding. The Republican Party was not crumbling. It was the Democrats that were decomposing. And why should anyone be surprised? The Democrat Party has been the command post for all of the national rot and putrification that has brought the nation to such turmoil.

There have definitely been Republicans who latched onto the Democrat platform of dystopia. It has not been the Democrats, alone, who have brought a super power to such a disgraceful and embarrassing state of cultural, social, and economic chaos. But the Democrats have been the conductor of the Progressive orchestra that plays the theme song for globalism. The drummers, all Democrats, have kept the rhythm for the march towards a non-existent Utopia. And they have rarely missed a beat.

The GOP has been at a disadvantage, standing in opposition to a media which has an agenda that violates the very essence of the Founding Fathers’ dream of America. Their message of limited government and self determination was perverted by an unscrupulous media which desecrated the principles of the United States Constitution.

Republicans have been fighting an up hill battle, especially during the past eight years. But despite the rift within the party with the nomination of Donald Trump as the GOP 2016 presidential candidate, the NeverTrumpers, the frustrated Establishment Republicans, and even some Democrats managed to coalesce with the Trump supporters for a Trump and Republican victory. The media hype about the broken Republicans was media drivel.

After the cries of agony as Trump detractors bemoaned a fractured GOP amidst promises to start their own party, we now face the real possibility of a Secretary of State Mitt Romney and/or Attorney General Ted Cruz. Mitt Romney spoke out against Donald Trump in the harshest terms during the GOP Primary, and Trump and Ted Cruz appeared to be embroiled in a bitter feud. It may have made good theater in the process, but obviously, these Republicans took it all in stride. Despite the bickering, tweeting, name-calling, etc., the Republicans united in a glorious fashion.

The Democrats have spent the past week protesting the electoral college, protesting the immigration laws, promising not to allow Trump to defund the sanctuary cities, coloring in coloring books, playing with puppies, drinking hot chocolate, crying in ‘cry rooms,’ snuggling in safe rooms, trying to figure out who will be the head of their party, standing naked on Trump signs, asking Obama to pardon Hillary, blocking interstates, and changing their minds about going to Canada.

Liberal Hollywood celebrities have given interviews to express their utter disgust with Trump. Some have cried. Some have promised to hate Trump forever. And some have even crossed their fingers and hoped to die. The situation is so dire that Los Angeles is reporting a shortage of baby formula.

We have a real crisis on our hands, folks. The Democrats have been so traumatized by the reality of a Trump presidency that they have regressed to a stage of infancy. Some are even being reported to be withdrawing into a fetal position. Which Democrat’s face would you like to see on the Gerber Baby Food Jar? I’m going with Bill Maher or George Clooney.

Life is good!


  1. Of the 50 states in the Union, only 5 have dem Gov/senate/house.
    24 states have rep Gov/senate/house and the remaining are split with a rep majority.
    They may not like it, but democrat office holders have become irrelevant, and they are retrenching behind Chuck Schumer, to rediscover their core values. Hope they go back far enough to find the white sheets & hoods that is their true legacy.

  2. Clinton won California and New Yourk by 3,874,145, she received 9,703,810 out of her total of 61,324,576 votes. That’s almost 16% of her total votes, and she never even campaigned in either state. In other words, she was over 3 million votes ahead before she even started just from those two states. The people saying we should get rid of the electoral college should just advocate abolishing the election process, except for the democrat primary.

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