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Is it really any surprise that it was Eve that ate the apple and not Adam? I really dislike making broad statements about my own gender, but in truth, females are in general impetuous and gullible. And nothing speaks better to this assumption than the modern feminist movement, otherwise known as feminism. Women bought into a political ideology which launched the break down of the family, the emptying of the churches, and even the transgender movement.

Feminism was never about women. It was and is a political ideology designed to play upon the raw emotions of women. Bluntly, it was a social movement carefully crafted to manipulate ignorant women who sincerely viewed themselves as victims. And there is no denying that women have had to organize and work to assert their voting rights and equal pay. But there was a stark difference in women seeking to achieve social and economic equality, and feminists, whose goal it was to completely deconstruct the nuclear family.

Feminism was the first step in the push for a LGBT society, complete with sexual promiscuity and the promotion of a genderless society. Feminist icon, Gloria Steinem, spoke to a gay organization known as Queerty, in 2012, and she said, “Feminism and gay rights are completely the same thing.” And she was right. Feminism birthed the LGBT movement.

As a young girl who not only noticed the egregious double standards between the rights for men and women, but was also infuriated by them, I had the sense to realize that the one thing I did not want to do was something as half-witted and pointless as to stand around or march with a group of women and burn my bra. When the feminists were burning bras, I was amazed at their stupidity. Women who participate in meaningless and inane activities to express their anger or protest inequality, completely discredit their cause. Rather than draw attention to the injustice and discrimination that was the reality for women, the feminists drew attention to their anatomy and actually trivialized the justifiable complaints.

Feminists were about blurring the lines between the genders. And worst of all, they were about putting women above their children. Feminists began pushing for all women to work outside of the home. Women who wanted to be home with their children were criticized and shamed for their lack of desire to challenge their male counterparts in the workforce. Maternal instincts were frowned upon by feminists. They encouraged women to think of self first and their children last.

Roe v. Wade was a product of the feminist movement and the agenda to destroy the family and the gender roles. If women could be convinced to justify killing their own babies, anything was possible. And millions of women, who foolishly and callously began defending the right of women to abort on demand, gave the feminists everything they needed to eradicate family stability and usher in an alternative society which actually promoted homosexuality and same-sex marriage, while simultaneously hammering out a transgender social construct and moving on to eradicate gender.

Feminists encouraged women to adopt single parent status rather than to seek a balanced mother-father environment for their children. Men and fathers were condemned and portrayed as villains as the feminists moved forward with their Marxist agenda to destabilize the family structure. Mothers who were in the workforce, many of whom were raising their children alone, had no time to tend to the spiritual nourishment of their children in church. Sundays became a needed day for chores which had to be neglected during a hectic work week.

Women began resenting the double role of mother/bread winner and triple role of mother/bread winner/ father that they were obligated to take on. The relationships between men and women suffered as a result, and divorce often resulted. Likewise, the influx of women into the male dominated workforce increased the occurrences of marital affairs, which also contributed to the breakup of the family.

The drug problem, the suicide rate, Planned Parenthood’s selling of baby parts from full term abortions, the dying churches, effeminate boys, sexually promiscuous girls, sexting, the pornography explosion, and almost every component of a culturally rotten society, can be directly or indirectly tied to the feminist movement.

Feminists were never about women. They were about political correctness, Marxism, and gender neutrality. Feminism is about role-reversal, social justice, and emasculating men. The ultimate goal for feminists is gender neutrality or gender fluidity.

Feminism is ‘not’ about equality for women. Feminists used women to achieve the nefarious goal of a sexually deviant society and broken families. It is time to put feminism in the closet and lock the door. History does indeed repeat itself. Women bought into the feminist lie, but this time, millions of Eves ate the apple.


  1. I think its time to put all queers, male and female back in the closet thru shame so the minds of our children cant be polluted with the vile nasty filth that come from these Godless creatures !

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