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The past two weeks have been truly exhilarating as we experienced the lead up days into the presidential election of our lifetime, the election itself, the glorious defeat of Hillary Clinton, and the transitioning of President-elect Donald Trump. A James Patterson thriller could not have produced the flow of national adrenalin as has the victory of Donald Trump. Americans, who follow in the ideological footsteps of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Abraham Lincoln, Ronald Reagan, and others, have finally taken a gigantic first step in throwing off the progressive chokehold which was constricting our breathing passages. For the first time in eight long years we have been able to take a deep breath and a sigh of relief. But if we don’t remain vigilant and active in our pursuit to reclaim our constitutional heritage, this election will have been effective in slowing down the demise of the republic and nothing more.

Monday, November 7th, 2016, was unequivocally the ‘Eve of Destruction.’ Our stomachs were knotted as we dreaded Tuesday and waited for the polls to close. We were about to find out if the cancer in our country could be surgically removed. If Hillary Clinton had won the presidency, the fat lady would have effectively sung. “Good Night America” would be more than a song, and Looney Tunes Porky Pig would take the stage with his, “That’s All Folks!”

Red America was a nervous wreck. And why wouldn’t we be? We have endured years of losing elections. When the Republicans finally won the Senate in 2014, giving them control of both houses in Congress, they kicked Red America in the teeth. There were repeated opportunities to stand firmly against the dictates of Barack Obama, and they punted, every single time. If not for the brave voices of Republicans Mike Lee, Jeff Sessions, Ted Cruz, Jason Chaffetz, and a few other Congressional lone wolves, Obama would have completely collapsed the constitutional system. He was well underway to having established a constitutional monarchy.

Donald Trump’s presidential bid was not only unconventional, but it was historical. Never in history has a candidate been so outrageous, yet capable of maintaining overwhelming support from Red America. After all, Red America is the home of the Evangelicals and the conservative Americans. By definition, Red America should shun outrageousness, but this time it was different. Red America had become so outraged by the illogical, unconstitutional, power-grabbing Democrats, that they embraced the outrageous candidate. Outrage begets outrageousness!

President-elect Trump is the face of Red America. He personifies the indignation, the pent-up anger, and the frustration that we, as a collective, have endured for twenty-five years. To be fair to Obama, the eradication of constitutional law began several decades ago with Roe v. Wade, but it continued to intensify, reaching its crescendo under Obama. Obama was so radical that he hit us squarely in the face with the unlawfulness of his administration.

Blue America is still in the recovery room. They are still in a state of shock that Hillary Clinton lost the election and that for the first time in decades, their total agenda has had a severe setback. Not only can they not perceive of such a defeat, but the reality of a reversal of their progressive global blueprint has them reaching for the vapors. Blue America is in the throes of an ideological nightmare.

But Red America is making a grave error if they believe their victory signifies the political castration of Blue America. It does not. We merely caught them with their underpants down. They will pull them back up, and they will become as ruthless and conniving as they were before the election. Blue America has been operating behind the backs of Red America for well over a hundred and fifty years. They are not about to surrender their progress and ideology without a fight, which will last for decades.

Looking at the election map and the areas of the country which represent conservative thought and liberal thought, it is obvious that Red America embodies the overwhelming landmass of the country. Blue America resides in heavily populated cities. Blue America does not exemplify the citizens of Red America. It is symbolic of the fringe. Blue America consists of radicalized individuals who have distorted the United States Constitution and God.

Red America is apple pie, Fourth of July picnics, family reunions, Sunday School covered dish dinners, PTA, homeroom mothers, Bible Study, and Thanksgiving at Grandmas. Red America believes in holding hands and not sexting, dating and not hooking up, saying Merry Christmas and not Happy Holidays. We want to care for our veterans, welcome ‘legal’ immigrants who want to assimilate, sing Christmas carols in school, and fly the American flag any darn time we want. We take our kids to football practice, work the concession stand on Saturdays, and often shop at Walmart. For many of us, Saturday night is pizza night, and we call boys ‘he’ and girls ‘she.’ And yes, we want English to be the official language.

Red Americans believe in a code of ethics, principles and values, and both spoken and unspoken standards. We are not perfect by any means, but we strive to be better than we are. We are, as a rule, generous with our money and time. We believe diversity can be good, but commonalities are imperative in the survival of a nation. Diversity without similarity destroys.

Red America is the backbone and the heart of the nation. Blue America is just now finding that out. I am from Red America, and in the words of Alan Jackson, “We say our prayers and pledge allegiance, where I come from!”

God Bless Red America! God Bless America!


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