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The ‘Washington Examiner’ is reporting that Barack Obama’s grassroots organization ‘Organizing for Action” is advising its supporters to fight and not back down. The email was a rallying cry to fight the Trump presidency and to cast aside any earlier intentions to work with the incoming administration. No surprise here. But there were never any intentions to cooperate with the new Republican president, his cabinet, or the GOP Congress. Obama’s seemingly attitude of good will towards President-elect Donald Trump was never anything more than smoke and mirrors.

Anyone, who understands anything at all about the Progressives, recognizes that they will never just give up and go away. They have worked diligently for over one hundred and fifty years to achieve their oppressive agenda. While the defeat of Hillary Clinton was heart-wrenching for them, it was by no means their defeat. These people are so devoted to the demise of the constitutional republic that they will not allow anything to stand in their way, and that includes Donald Trump and his Republican Congress.

That’s not to say that their fight hasn’t taken on a much more determined foe in the conservative community. And it’s not to say that they aren’t stunned and appalled by the brick wall they so unexpectedly rammed. There’s no doubt about it. The Democrats had the shock of their political lives when it became obvious that the organized fraud and media bias, which has always pushed their candidate to the top, was no longer effective. They have been annoyingly cocky during the two terms of Barack Obama. It is inconceivable to them that they have been handed a setback. But make no mistake about it. The Democrats perceive the election of Donald Trump as a damnable ‘interruption’ in their timetable for conquering Red America. They have no intentions of surrendering to the opposition.

John Edwards, former North Carolina senator and vice presidential running mate to John Kerry, ran a campaign claiming that there were two Americas. Edward’s claim to the notion of two Americas was in regard to a rich America and a poor America. He was just another spoke in the Democrat wheel of class warfare. But he was right about one thing. There are indeed two Americas.

The American landscape may appear the same, but deep within the citizenry lies a divide so deep that the prospects of bridging that chasm are enormous and possibly unrealistic. Aside from an earth-shattering catastrophe such as a limited nuclear explosion, the expectations of uniting the Democrats, who have drifted into totalitarian territory, and the Republicans, who are determined to resurrect the near dead United States Constitution, are very slim.

That is not to say that the country cannot remain intact. It can, and hopefully, it will. But a wise man understands that the task ahead is comparable to the mending of the nation following the Civil War. But this time, the dissension is not related to sectionalism. It is a matter of ideology and the founding principles of the country. This time the seeds of discord are scattered across the nation. Unlike a cancerous tumor which is isolated to one area of the body, the malignancy is sprinkled throughout the entire anatomy of the nation.

Fighting the enemy within is a daunting task. And that is exactly what the Conservative Americans are facing. While referencing Democrats as the ‘enemy within’ may seem harsh, it is necessary to comprehend that any force within this country, whose goal is to dismantle the United States Constitution and the western culture, is the ‘enemy within.’ As unpleasant as that may be, it is the truth. An attack on the sovereignty of this nation is treasonous behavior.

We have one America, known as ‘Red America,’ which embraces Judeo-Christian principles, constitutional law, individualism, states’ rights, traditional marriage, God, Christmas, our national heritage, the nuclear family, the right to life, personal responsibility, a work ethic, the Second Amendment and the right to defend oneself, free speech, and common sense.

And then we have ‘Blue America,’ which encompasses a secular/godless society, cradle-to-grave benefits, a sense of entitlement, class warfare, collectivism, subjugation of the working class, a dependent populace, centralized government, an aristocracy, world government, open borders, irresponsibility, a culture of death, a lawless society, racial unrest, a defenseless population, a burgeoning welfare state, the demolition of tradition and the western culture, sexual deviancy, the destruction of the mother-father family, and illogical thought. Blue America has no concept of actions and reactions, cause and effect, or behavior and consequences.

Blue America seeks a Utopia that is nonexistent and has been proven to be ethereal since the inception of recorded history. And yet, these spaced cadets keep grabbing for the cloud on which to rest their head. They resist any facts which deny their self-imposed delusions.

To the contrary, Red America pursues the hard facts, preferring to deal with the hard reality rather than to take a ride on a unicorn. Red America engages in cogent thought and matters of substance. Unlike Blue America, which sees only the abstract and never the absolutes, Red America demands concrete and definitive solutions.

The political and ideological fight has just begun. I am hopeful that President-elect Donald Trump can create policy which will clear the fog from the eyes of many in Blue America. Returning to constitutional governance will be like throwing ice water into the faces of those among us who reside in Blue America. They had their first shock when he defeated Hillary Clinton. It will take many more jolts of the cold hard truth to penetrate the hard headedness of Blue America. But if we are to survive as a nation, and if we are to become one America again, it is the only path.

God Bless America!


  1. I thought that I would just stay away from political discussions with liberal ‘friends’, and we could just go back to being friends. I don’t think that is likely anymore. I’m unfollowing or onfriending people on about the same pace as I was before the election.

    I was of the belief that the Trump Attorney General should just let the Clintons go with the only action taken being revoking the tax exempt status of the Clinton Foundation retroactively. Now I’m of the opinion that the Clintons and Obama should be prosecuted. The red and blue will not coexist until the red exercises all the power given to it by this election.

  2. Beautifully stated. Clearly defined. Part of the problem is Blue America completely REJECTS the truth. From first hand experiance any statement about any of their “heroes” that doesn’t fit their world view is met with an upraised hand to block any and all discussion. Like Maxwell Smart they place themselves in a Cone of Silence by choice. Truth is blocked and shunned.

  3. There are, as you pointed out, many divisions between red and blue America. The defining issue for me, in the question of whether or not coexistence is possible, is Islam. As long as blue America embraces Islam and Sharia as an integral part of their America, Red America cannot find a path that both sides can follow and lead us to a unified nation. Anyone that is not braindead can understand that Sharia and the U.S. Constitution are mutually exclusive.

  4. Great article! I have a friend who told me that “America can not have open borders AND be a welfare state.” This same friend…was a Hillary Clinton supporter. It’s maddening.

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