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The cleanup list for the Trump administration and Red America is overwhelming. Those Conservatives who intend to sit back, like they have for the past few decades, and do nothing but wait for others to do the heavy lifting, had better listen up. Duty calls! There is no time for hand wringing and whining. We won the election in terms of defeating Hillary Clinton and releasing the fast forward button of Progressivism. We did not stop Progressivism, and given a little bit of time, the Left will be reorganized and on the march.

The election of Donald Trump gives us a chance to reverse course. It does not stop the madness of the Washington establishment, and it will not convert the braindead liberal walkers. It merely put us into a state of progressive remission. And we will not stay there without massive doses of political activism. For all of those Conservatives who routinely whine, “But I hate politics,” I counter, “Too bad. It’s life. Get a grip, and get on board!”

America’s jugular was severed by the Progressive traitors amongst us. And while the election of Donald Trump has effectively wrapped a very tight tourniquet upon that deep wound, it has not, nor will it be able to reconnect the artery. We the People must actively heal the country, and it will come with the cost of broken friendships, precious time that we don’t believe that we have, some knowledge of federalism, and a willingness to sacrifice for our country. We are all mandated to get involved, even if that means just connecting with like-minded individuals on social media. Passing on pertinent information is involvement.

Our problems are so massive that it is bewildering as to where to even begin with the cleanup. Naturally, it begins in Washington D.C. with the Establishment corruption. But there are other crucial battlegrounds which must be secured and reorganized. Two of the most vital institutions which must be bulldozed and restructured are the media and the educational system. Today I address the educational system.

Propaganda and indoctrination are the most influential methods of manipulating the minds of the unsuspecting masses. And where better to employ such measures of mind-altering techniques than in the educational system with a trusting captive audience. Combined with subjective professors who are overwhelmingly radical Progressives, the daily exposure to left-wing extremism is a mild, consistent form of brainwashing. And we must give complete consideration to the fact that progressive college instructors ‘do not’ allow a diversity of opinion. All conservative thought on college campuses is stifled or punished.

Conservative college students are discriminated against on campus in regards to their opinions, campus availability to activities involving conservative thought, grading, and opportunities for leadership roles. It is no coincidence that radical Lefties find themselves in upper administrative positions in the Ivy League schools and universities all across America. These extremists were groomed to infiltrate the educational setting. They indoctrinate the vulnerable college students, who are coming into the higher academic setting with a deficit of critical thought, and send them back into society to propagate the progressive agenda.

Nothing speaks better to this process than domestic terrorist Bill Ayers. Ayers, a friend of Barack Obama, is best known for his days in the counterculture movement and the terrorist group ‘Weather Underground.’ He was responsible for bomb-making and terrorist activities. Yet, the man is now a professor of education at the University of Illinois. He is an ‘elementary education theorist’. Ayers is embroiled in the process of applying the powers of persuasion to the young minds in our primary schools. Every thinking American should be asking himself how this could be possible. How is a domestic terrorist, who at one time admitted that he had not done enough during his terrorist days, permitted, in a civil society, to influence small children? If justice was truly served, Bill Ayers should be in prison today.

On college campuses progressive thought is rewarded, and conservative thinking is punished. Students wishing to impress their professors or jumpstart their careers with inspirational recommendations from the college of their attendance must think twice before they share any of their ideas which fly in the face of political correctness. Embracing multiculturalism, political correctness, white privilege, and various other forms of thought control are almost imperative for students seeking a job which is competitive.

While studies vary as to exactly what percentage of college professors are Democrat, they all have one common theme. Overwhelmingly, the professors are Democrat and donate to Democrats. In 2015 ‘The Washington Times’ reported that almost 100% of liberal arts professors donated to Democrat campaigns. A study of California professors in 2014 showed that 95% donated to Democrats. Reports on the political affiliation of college professors vary. But the figures reveal a huge variance in the numbers of conservative and liberal educators. Most reports expose the discrepancy to vary slightly with almost all affirming that Democrats compose over ninety percent of the college professorships. These numbers are not only staggering but abominable.

American universities no longer encourage or pride themselves on promoting a thought-provoking education. They demand conformity which is a stepping stone for collective thought and massive indoctrination programs.

Have you ever wondered as to why our entire educational system became a pathway to higher learning via a college education? Why did the public school system eradicate the pre-vocational education classes in middle and junior high schools? It is a fact of life that college is not the preferred setting for many students whose talents lie in the arena of blue collar America. After spending years of promoting the multiple intelligences, our educational gurus suddenly withdrew all support to those students who are best served pursuing a path of vocational training. And like clockwork, they put these children on a pathway to college.

This served a dual purpose. First, it created an environment in which all children would be exposed to the influence of progressivism via a college indoctrination. Vocational training is rich in skill-oriented education, which is not conducive to influence peddling or ideological persuasion. Secondly, as our manufacturing jobs were being sent abroad, the vocational jobs were not as available.

The public was intentionally misled to believe that all children should pursue a college degree. Educators left millions of children behind by insisting that they conform to a system in which they were not suited nor able to attain. The next step was to water down the college curriculum so that students incapable of completing a program of higher thinking could pass.

Colleges began allowing students to test online from home. There was absolutely no certainty of the test takers’ identity. Take home tests have become routine, again allowing for the person responsible for actually taking the test to remain anonymous or identify as the student whose name was on the registry.

I have been approached multiple times to become the surrogate for inept students seeking to pay to have their course work completed. This is common practice for many students who graduate without any true understanding of the course work or the field from which they are graduating. I was once asked by a college student to write a book report on a six page short story. The girl could not write a complete sentence. And she was in ‘honor classes.” No, I am not making that up.

Most problems of our educational system begin in the universities. We must completely overhaul the system. It is too broken to repair. Changing the hiring practices for professors, changing the graduation requirements, implementing a foolproof system for test taking, reinstating vocational training within our public school system, doing a background check on instructors, changing course curriculum, and a host of other radical changes must be executed.

Restoring America is not possible without the restoration of academia. It is priority. It is time to get the shovels out and begin dredging out the university outhouses. Because at this point, they are nothing more than a hotbed of excrement!

God Bless America!


  1. Judy, as usual, you hit all the points! Trump said, that he wanted
    To bring the education system back to the states, where it belongs! Let’s hope, he expedites the process and guts the federal progressive influence!

  2. I had to unfriend my two grand daughters on FB that are going to college in Chicago and New Hamshire after the election. They are completely brain washed and I just didn’t want to hear their rants anymore. My daughter was born and raised in Wv and they traveled around as their Dad was in the military. They are rude, crude and hateful. They hate DJT and love Hillary and Beenie. I don’t like them right now and am praying for them, I pray they are not competly gone but it’s in Gods hands.

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