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Progressives intend to destroy everything Christian and the traditional American landscape. They are not happy unless they are removing every vestige of time-honored customs of the American heritage. Americans spoke loudly on November 8th, sending a clear message to the establishment and Progressives that we will no longer tolerate the disrespect of our national legacy, which would include the holidays that we hold dear.

But obviously, John Hamilton, the mayor of Bloomington, Indiana failed to read between the lines on election day. His city has renamed Columbus Day and Good Friday to Fall Holiday and Spring Holiday respectively. With all disrespect intended, Hamilton and his cronies are dimwits. Citing the reason for the name changes as “reflecting better cultural sensitivity in the workplace,” Hamilton announced that the city employees would still have the days off but the names were changed to appease, well you know, whiny-ass liberal crybabies.

With Progressives it never stops. They don’t make occasional changes in policy or decorum. They make dramatic revisions which are designed to restructure conventional institutions. Their goal is to change the face of America to an unrecognizable appearance.

Good Friday is a Christian holiday commemorating the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and his death at Calvary. Christians honor their Lord on this day for His suffering and death. Good Friday is totally unrelated to spring as to the definition of the holiday. Mayor Hamilton does not want to be culturally insensitive to crybabies who become emotional when they see the words ‘Good Friday’ on the city calendar. But he has no issue with insulting Christians by renaming their holy day with a secular title such as Spring Holiday.

Columbus Day is irrelevant to a particular faith, but it honors the earliest explorers of our country. Sabotaging a day which recognizes the exploration of the new world by referring to it as Fall Holiday is not only foolish but offensive to Americans and their passion for legacy.

The mayor and city representatives of Bloomington defied conventional wisdom and catered to the secular and anti-American minorities. Did they not learn anything from the 2016 presidential election? Precisely, they don’t care what the people want. They are trying to fast track the progressive agenda which was soundly defeated when Donald Trump was elected.

Americans celebrated the birthdays of both Abraham Lincoln and George Washington once upon a time. And then a good Progressive decided that we must drop the names of the white men and celebrate one day simply known as Presidents Day. Only one man has a national holiday named in his honor, and that man is Martin Luther King. King was a prominent Christian. Will the city of Bloomington change the name of Martin Luther King Day to represent all civil rights activists? Muslims and Hispanics may be offended that King was black. Why should MLK Day be celebrated by those who worship Allah?

If the city of Bloomington, or the entire United States for that matter, changed MLK Day to Civil Rights Day, no one would be offended. But we all know that will never happen. Christians and whites are targeted for their traditions and celebrations, but minorities and crybabies are a protected class.

The Progressives may have lost the election, but they will never concede to withdraw. Conservative Americans had better be digging in their heels, because this is going to be one helluva long cultural and ideological war. Taking back America and making her great again is going to be a long and complicated challenge.

God Bless America!


  1. I fully expect Obama’s birthday to become a holiday. It won’t become a national holiday under Trump, but when the Dims get back in, it will happen. You heard it here first. 😜

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