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Dear Media,

It is with both great satisfaction and indignation that I write this letter. I delight in that you have finally been publicly identified for the ruthless, unethical organization that you have become. But I feel a righteous anger towards your industry for the extreme damage that you have wrought upon this nation.

Finally, after decades of media bias, unethical behavior, and a predilection for propaganda rather than the truth, you have decided to acknowledge that you have a problem. And typically, you report your problem just as you have delivered the news to We the People for the past four decades. You resort to the use of another half-truth by referring to your issue as a ‘credibility problem.’

Oh, how terribly predictable you are! Once again, you avoid the truth of the matter by making your readership a responsible part of the dilemma. In your admission, you so cleverly take responsibility for only a small part of this very bad situation. The ‘credibility problem’ is only the pretext of the issue. It is a ruse for the elephant in the room.

I know, and you know, and ‘thinking’ Americans know that the media has a “Corruption Problem.” Period! We don’t need to hear explanations as to why the masses are finding you to lack credibility. Your lack of credibility stems from the overwhelming network of corruption which is so thick that it sucks the oxygen right out of the newsroom.

The first step in finding a solution for a problem is to identify the problem and acknowledge it. While I don’t believe that you have any intentions of addressing the unscrupulous performance of the media, I am going to pretend that you are sincere in your declaration to clean up your enterprise. And I am going to humor you and your phony mea culpa.

The corruption in the media is completely woven into the fabric of the mainstream. And it all begins with one very simple truth. THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA HAS AN AGENDA! When you became an organization with ideas rather than an institution which seeks the truth, no matter what the implications of that truth may be, you lost your validity.

You are the Fourth Estate. Your function has always been to protect the masses by providing them with ‘all’ of the information, not just the information that fits your suited agenda. We the People not only have the right to hear the truth, but we demand that you present it to us without exploiting our thought processes. We want complete honesty in reporting. You blend your personal opinions with the truth, making it very difficult for some people to interpret. But, let’s be honest, which is hard for you to do. Confusing the people so as to influence their thinking and voting has been your intentions for decades.

The second simple truth: YOU WANTED CELEBRITY! Once upon a time the media reported the news, the weather, and occasional human interest stories. But along the way, journalists developed an affinity for the spotlight. They wanted celebrity. Spending time with the politically elite, interviewing the Hollywood celebrities, and seeking more and more face time on live television, you began to seek your own claim to fame. And you did so by befriending the political establishment, the very people that you were supposed to be investigating. Your search for celebrity was destructive for the American people. You became arrogant and completely out-of-touch with the people of America.

The third simple truth: YOU HAVE BEEN RECRUITED FROM IVY LEAGUE SCHOOLS AND OTHER COLLEGES WHICH INDOCTRINATE STUDENTS WITH PROGRESSIVE IDEOLOGY! Most of you are the products of socialist/communist professors who operate in the open within a corrupt and decadent university culture. You graduate from these institutions of higher learning and carry the progressive ideological message with you, completely oblivious to your own pitiful state of ignorance.

The fourth simple truth: YOUR BIAS HAS BECOME BLATANT! At one time you were able to distort the news while hiding your bias in the shadows. Many of us understood your prejudice, your left-leaning predilection. Your intolerance for Conservatives did not escape our observations. Unfortunately for the country, far too many Americans became the ‘useful idiots’ that Vladimir Lenin mocked.

When you publicly denounced Donald Trump and cried over the defeat of Hillary Clinton, you officially announced to the American people that you had permanently become a political mouthpiece. You told the world that you were undependable and that you have no journalistic integrity left. You became mentally deranged playing your own indoctrination game.

The fifth simple truth: YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE DECLINE AND POSSIBLE DESTRUCTION OF THE REPUBLIC: Politicians are never to be trusted. We know this. The political landscape attracts people who are seekers of fortune, fame, and power. So, while I am not giving our politicians in Washington a pass on their personal and collective corruption, your responsibility to hold these politicians accountable for their deception and treasonous behavior was neglected. As the Fourth Estate you are and have been in the powerful position of safeguarding the republic through the process of informing the people of the corruption within. But you didn’t. You became a part of the corruption. You melded with the establishment.

And now, you want to admit that maybe you do have a credibility problem. Too little too late, Jack! You are no longer the mainstream media. You are the mainstream liars! And honestly, if you can interpret what the word ‘honesty’ even means, I think that most of you are so ideologically deranged from your years of reporting from the progressive think tanks, that I don’t believe you even know how to find your way back from the abyss which you have willingly jumped into. You have done this to yourself, and in the process, you have injured this nation, possibly irreparably. I don’t wish you well. You have consciously done this to yourself and the American people. It’s time to get a bottle of Jim Beam. You’re going to need it!

God Bless America!


  1. They present their agenda with a total disregard of the truth. I look for one of the networks to hire Harry Reid, who has absolutely no regard for the truth.

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