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I like President-elect Donald Trump’s tough talk, but I want more than tough talk. I want tough action. And if Hillary Clinton is excused for her years of influence peddling, breach of national security, negligence of the proper handling of classified information, and down right treasonous behavior, Trump will be sending the same ole message to the American people, which is, “There is an American aristocracy, and they are held above the rule of law.” It’s that simple!

We all know, even those who voted for her, that Hillary Clinton is a liar, and has committed various crimes. She has indeed risked the lives of the American people with her cavalier management of classified documents. The FBI knows for certain that at least five countries were privy to information due to Clinton’s security violations. Hundreds of thousands of emails were scrubbed, and her lies to the authorities were blatant. Not to mention the American men who died as a direct result of Clinton’s scandal and lies regarding Benghazi. If the entire truth was publicized, we would find her to be an indirect accomplice to murder. Allowing these men to die in an attempt to cover up illegal activities on the part of the administration is a capitol offense.

Any American citizen, who committed such egregious acts of oversight or intentional disregard for the law, as did Clinton, would be prosecuted and sent to prison. Clinton’s lies were not trivial acts of carelessness. They were grand schemes which were orchestrated to amass wealth. They were obvious, and they were deplorable. Her sins against this country were not elusive. They were flagrant. Two hundred years ago, Hillary Clinton’s criminal activity against the United States would have resulted in the death penalty.

And now, after years of dreaded anticipation as to having her as a president, we have the opportunity to see justice played out. And if anyone deserves to feel the hands of justice, it is Hillary Clinton. Her actions centering around Benghazi alone, are enough to ensure that she never sees the light of day again outside of a minimum security prison.

So, why isn’t the investigation and inevitable prosecution of Clinton taking center stage? We the People want to see justice served. Well, it seems that President-elect Trump is now softening on his cornerstone promise to prosecute this nefarious woman. And his reasons are two-fold: 1) The country needs to heal, and 2) Hillary has suffered enough.

I want to be very clear about this. The country will NOT heal until We the People see that there are laws which apply to all of us. As it stands now, there are laws for the little people, and there are laws for the establishment elite. The election of Donald Trump was in fact a rejection of the lawlessness of the elite and political aristocracy. We the People need to see the law applied to Clinton as it would have been for us.

As for the country uniting, let’s be real here. The Democrats are off the charts with their whiny child-like behavior regarding the defeat of Clinton and the victory of Trump. They are illogical, immature, and defiant. Nothing is going to bring these infantile people to the table of unification for the sake of country. Whether Hillary Clinton is further investigated by a special council or not, is completely irrelevant to the status of American unity. The ideological divide is far too deep for unity.

If we are going to abandon our rule of law to appease the Left, we have once again allowed them to call the shots. Conservatives and Republicans in Washington have lived their political lives fearing the repercussions of confronting the Leftist elites on their behaviors. Has not anything changed with the election of Trump?

So, Hillary has suffered enough, huh? Give me a freakin’ break! President-elect Trump, we have all suffered enough, and I can assure you that Hillary Clinton has not suffered a fraction of that which most Americans have suffered during their lives. I am sure there are inmates now who have suffered tremendously and had far less chance in life than Hillary Clinton has had in her Ivory Tower. So, she lost the presidency, which she coveted more than life itself! Big deal! She is an extremely flawed person in character, temperament, and greed. And that’s just the way it is. But she needs to pay the consequences of her criminal activities.

We the People are sickened by the Clintons and their disrespect for the laws that we follow! No more pathetic excuses! Investigate and prosecute Hillary Clinton. Her prison cell awaits!

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  1. I would love to see the Clinton Foundation’s 501(c)(3) status be revoked retroactively at the same time Hillary is prosecuted. The revocation of the 501(c)(3) status would negate the tax deduction on the Americans who donated, including the Clintons. Further investigation would show the Clinton Foundation was the family slush fund and would subject the family, including Chelsea, to tax evasion charges. Break them and lock them all up.

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