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Liberalism is such a disjointed and irrational political philosophy that a wise man has to wonder if those who follow the tenets of this worldview are mentally and emotionally stable. Liberals, otherwise known as Democrats, Progressives, Socialists, or Communists, have such a perverted perspective of the world and man’s function in the world that it would be accurate to question the mental stability of people with this absurd mindset.

Liberals disconnect practical reasoning from all aspects of thought as it pertains to political ideology or social constructs. Sure, they can tie their shoes, and they can function on a daily basis, but their abilities to separate the practical from the abstract are grossly impaired. They live within the confines of a purely theoretical world of Utopia, and aside from the concrete decisions that they must make in their routine lives, they rationalize rather than reason. Their arguments always lack reasoned thought. And when they are exposed for their empty rhetoric, they always resort to non-legitimate name-calling or lying.

There are two distinct types of Liberals. There are the Liberals who like to imagine themselves to be the philosopher-kings. They envision themselves to be great thinkers who are destined to change the path of mankind. We find these Liberals hanging out in academia. They are in pursuit of professorships and other positions of influence. Other philosophical Liberals seek the pathway of journalism or education to indoctrinate the masses. I refer to the so-called philosophical Liberals as ‘Original Liberals’.

The second group of Liberals is your garden variety ‘Useful Idiot’ Liberal. These Liberals are the individuals who are weak-minded and easily persuaded without much effort. ‘Useful Idiots” are the victims, or targets of the Original Liberals. Without a base from which to build a constituency, the Progressive Movement is impotent. Useful idiots are a crucial component to achieve the ideals of this non-coherent philosophy.

The term ‘Useful Idiots’ was coined by Vladimir Lenin, as Lenin knew that without a base which would actively work against their own best interests, Marxism-Leninism would be a failure. The doctrine of their oppressive ideology was so unattractive that Lenin knew that mind control was the only option to circumventing the will of the masses. Behavior psychology became the answer to his secular prayer. He found his power by indoctrinating the people who lacked the critical thought to find refuge in the storm of propaganda.

Useful Idiots are the Liberals that most of us in mainstream America are familiar with. We have to coexist with them in our daily lives. The Useful Idiot is the guy at work who said he was leaving the country when Donald Trump was elected. The Useful Idiot is the college student hunkering down in a crying room the day after Trump’s victory. The Useful Idiot is the person who practices conservative values in his daily life, but turns right around and votes for the Democrat. The Useful Idiot is the coal miner who votes Democrat. The Useful Idiot is the guy who just had his health insurance doubled under Obamacare, while Illegal Immigrants get free healthcare at his expense, and he votes Democrat.

Useful Idiots are mothers who believe women have the right to kill their own babies. Useful Idiots are people who believe that global warming is destroying the world, while the ice caps are increasing in size. Useful Idiots are the Gays who support Muslims that believe that Gays should be thrown from rooftops or beheaded. Useful Idiots believe their daughters are safe in bathrooms and shower rooms with grown men. Useful Idiots believe it is possible for a person with the complete anatomical profile of a man, to be a woman. Useful Idiots believe they are enlightened and smarter than the average bear.

Useful Idiots go to church while supporting a Democrat Party which booed God. Useful Idiots are Christians who take the crosses off of their churches so as not to offend Muslims. Useful Idiots believe the Christian faith is hostile and Islam is a religion of peace. Useful Idiots believe that foreign people should be allowed to come into the United States illegally and vote. Useful Idiots are the feminists who support Muslims that torture and kill their women.

Useful Idiots are white people who support the premise of ‘white privilege’, a theory which if brought to fruition, will bring economical destruction upon their own white children, or worse. Useful Idiots believe that you can spend two million dollars, even if you only have one hundred dollars.

The list of the nonsensical thinking of Useful Idiots is endless. They believe in a social fantasy rather than a working nation. There is no introspective thought in the mind of a Liberal. And while they consider themselves to be quite the philosopher, most of them wouldn’t know the difference between Plato and Mr. Magoo.

God Bless America!

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