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Disgruntled Democrats are drowning in self pity and hysteria. After years of manipulating the system, with the help of the media and entertainment industry, they are dumbfounded over Donald Trump’s presidential victory, and they can’t move on. Ensnarled in their Utopian universe, Democrats are conditioned to having things their way. Democrats talk a good line about fairness and equality, but where the rubber meets the road, they are hypocrites and spoiled brats.

So, now, the crybaby Liberals are asking for a recount vote in three key states; Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania. They are determined to find something which they will try and use to challenge the election results and ask for a redo. I can say with approximately 100 percent assurance that there will not be another election. But what we will have is a social breakdown of massive proportions if these fools believe that they can recapture an opportunity to take the White House!

It ain’t gonna happen! If the Democrats resort to third world tactics, they are going to face a force of resistance unlike anything they have experienced. For eight years Conservatives have tolerated the unconstitutional governance of Barack Obama and his administration. We have witnessed treasonous behavior by many in Washington including Obama, Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch, and Hillary Clinton. We did not get our pitchforks. We did not tar and feather those individuals who have betrayed this nation. We followed the system of law. We waited patiently, enduring every piece of oppressive legislation and executive action that was foisted upon us.

The election of our lifetime finally arrived. We used the system of governance, that our Founders so brilliantly provided for us, to overthrow the mounting tyranny that was choking We the People, in particularly the working middle class. Until November 8, 2016, we expressed our anger and outrage with peaceful protest, through social media, and with the written word. We did not burn cities, nor did we kill cops to display our rage. We made our frustration and outrage public without physical harm to anyone.

Yet, the Democrats, who have sucked their thumbs, hid under their covers, and imagined the boogeyman in every closet, cannot accept the reality of the vote. But that’s typical for the crowd who live their lives with their heads in the Utopian clouds. They are ready to do whatever it takes to regain their power. Unbeknownst to them, they have met their Waterloo.

If the Democrats make any headway at all in changing the election results, which I don’t believe they will be able to do, the conservative backlash will be historical. And the Democrats will understand once and for all that the fight for the country is more than a rhetorical battle. Republicans have used restraint time and time again to prevent an unraveling of civility. But if the Democrat Progressives believe for one minute that they are going to use the strong arm of their nefarious party leaders to once again cut the Republicans off at the knees, they are sorrowfully mistaken.

The political, social, and cultural divide are beyond repair. There is not a bridge long enough to close the gap of hostility that exists between the Left and the Right. The Left is oblivious to the smoldering fury and indignation simmering on the Right. If they continue on this path of trying to destroy President-elect Trump’s presidency before he even takes office, they are going to experience the wrath of the Right which will be unprecedented since any event following the Civil War. Am I calling for violence? Absolutely not! But history tells us that we cannot continue as we are, a divided country collapsing on itself.

The Republicans won the presidency, the Senate, and the House, because We the People are tired of the progressive ideology. The Democrats have no choice but to ride it out, just like the Republicans have been forced to do for eight years.

And if they don’t, and if they continue down this road to overthrow the election, they will not be prepared for what lies ahead.

God Bless America!

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  1. Right on sister! Unfortunately with that bunch of doofuses’ it goes even deeper. The dumbocrats have been so infused with the ideology that the political elite (meaning themselves) always know best and that as long as the free stuff keeps flowing, they are happy. This all began to unravel in the mid sixties with the inception of LBJ’s Great Society where we were going to use the power of the government to cure all social ills in our lifetime. Guess what? Didn’t happen, can’t happen. Life is not fair, life is not equitable and expecting things to come free is a zero sum game.
    The really sad part is that the politicians (of all ilks) believe that only they know best and that we the people need to be shepharded or we will not be happy. They never learn the lesson of history. Every great civilization in recorded history has fallen because of the excesses of the “ruling class”. These pansey liberal elite wannabe’s think they are entitled to rule over everyone because they are smarter, richer, more caring and better equipped to rule. They bemoan the fact that the founding fathers of this country were smarter than they were and have provided the constitutional mechanisms to thwart their nefarious schemes.
    I agree, we have endured 8 years of the latest iteration of the political elite, however this time it came periously close to becoming entangled in a religious war (yes, I said it) and we are now seeing western europe beginning to unravel because they have admitted 20 million muslim “refugees” out of the kindness of their hearts! Hah! Can’t those fools read history.
    Well enough with world history lessons. We the people stand ready to take our country back. We are doing it peacefully, through the process set up in the constitution. We have finally come to the point of enough is enough.

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