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After pitching a fit and throwing themselves on a funeral pyre following the presidential election of Donald Trump, Democrats are beginning to take a deep breath. Their temper tantrums have not worked. Their threats to run away from home were not taken seriously, and now they have no place to go. They are forced to coexist with the evil Republicans in the White House and Congress. Woe is me! Woe is me!

For the Democrats it is crunch time. Nancy Pelosi has wilted, or should I say ‘melted.’ Barack Obama is leaving office for only God knows where. Maybe he is heading for the Community Organizers Hall of Fame. The Reverend Al Sharpton has been unusually quiet over the past few months. And other than taking a minute to express his deepest regrets over the passing of Cuba’s brutal dictator, Fidel Castro, the Reverend Jesse Jackson is lying low. I would wager that the age of the race hustlers has passed.

Meanwhile, after climbing out of her sleep-induced state of “I can’t believe I lost the presidency,” Hillary Clinton had a flurry of movement as she agreed to the recount of votes in three key swing states. Joe Biden just may be the clown sighting that has had the nation in a state of panic during the summer and fall, but his circus is about to leave town in January. I’ve heard The Big Top is hiring.

Hillary Clinton’s running mate, Tim Kaine, went into a state of alarm yesterday as he called for gun control following the stabbings at Ohio State University. It would appear that the unexpected defeat of Clinton left Kaine a little addled. His inability to differentiate a stabbing from a shooting or a gun from a knife would seem to validate a sense of relief that Kaine will not be the second in line to the presidency.

University professors have stockpiled graham crackers and grape juice since Trump’s victory. College towns are reporting a shortage of footie pajamas. Parents of liberal students are requested to donate crayons, colored pencils, scissors, and glue sticks. The Ivy league schools have added glitter glue to their list of must haves.

The Hollywood elites have succumbed to the reality of the Trump presidency. But they are not going down without a few “Fu** Yous” and “Up Yours, Motherfu***rs.” We can always depend on the celebrity world to give us an example of pure class.

The mainstream media has finally dried its tears, but there are still a few tear-stained cheeks. The uncontrollable sobbing has been replaced with the typical fake news as the liars of journalism regroup and put on their thinking caps. Back to the drawing board. CNN CEO Jeff Zucker is still in a state of indignation since Donald Trump called CNN a network of liars. I, myself, thought Trump was being rather generous with the upper echelon of the ‘Liars of the Newsroom Brigade.”

So, what’s a Democrat to do? The Democrat lawmakers have no choice. They have to appeal to the Republicans as in attempting to reach a compromise. They will create an illusion of reaching across the political aisle to join hands with Republicans. But it will not be sincere. It will be pure political bull hockey.

Suddenly, Democrats are indicating that maybe they were not listening to the working middle class. They are talking about helping the veterans. And lo and behold, they are even suggesting that maybe Washington needs to roll back some of their regulatory control. In short, Democrats are grabbing on to Republican issues and feigning regret for their neglect of Middle America concerns.

And the reason for this turnabout is three words. Two thousand eighteen. The Democrats are preparing their ground game for the 2018 elections. After the whooping they just took from the Republicans, they know that they need a strategy. They must get control of the House or the Senate in the midterms if they are to salvage anything from Obama’s unconstitutional eight year romp.

Nothing has changed with the Democrats in regards to their platform or their ideology. They are vicious, progressive, socialist, lying pieces of political crap. They will use whatever and whomever is in their way. They are never to be trusted, and they will never change. The only true escape from the disaster that the Democrats bring to the table is the complete annihilation of the party through the natural consequences of the revelations of its failed policies.

It is imperative that Republicans shy away from all compromise attempts from those in the Democrat Party who are attempting to wear sheep’s clothing. They are not sheep. They are wolves, and they have lived in the wolves den for too many years to have an epiphany. They are and always will be wolves with the bite of a shark.

If Republicans have even the slightest inclination to meet the Democrats on middle ground, they need to think back upon the ruthless treatment they received at the hands of the Democrats during the Obama administration. The Democrats ran over them with a big rig, leaving them to writhe mercilessly. When the Republicans tried to reach across the aisle in an effort to find some crumb of compromise, the Democrats lobbed off their hands with one swift whack. The Democrats were never interested in finding common ground when they were in charge. Their political brutality goes unchallenged.

Rule number one for Republicans should always be, “Never never ever trust a Democrat.” They breathe and eat to lie. If they extend a hand, it is only to pull themselves out of the shark infested waters and pull the Republicans in. Consider yourselves warned!

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