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Veteran reporter Ron Fourier is reporting that Hillary Clinton is considering a run for president again in 2020. At the very least, she is keeping her options open. Fourier is a longtime political correspondent who has covered the Clintons for years, so his word carries establishment weight.

Cross my fingers and hope to die, I so hope that Fourier is accurate with his reporting. This news, which is presumably substantiated, is music to my ears. Could Republicans be so lucky again?

The sheer thoughts of Clinton maintaining control of the Democrat Party should send shudders down the backs of the spineless Democrats. I can’t help but chuckle, and I’m not a bit sorry for the Party of Asses. They have asked for every nefarious consequence that has resulted from their exaltation of the Clintons.

The Democrats have turned a blind eye to every smarmy, lewd, crude, vile, scurrilous, and shameless act of indecency that Bill Clinton has been proven to have committed. They have ignored Hillary’s pathological lying. They intentionally overlooked the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi and the coverup that should have put Hillary behind bars, not to mention the treasonous behavior involved with the email and classified information. Democrats are just plain smitten with the Clintons. They can’t help themselves.

But maybe I should modify that statement and say that the Democrats were smitten with the Clintons. My intuition tells me that the Democrats may just be getting a little tired of the overly ripe Hillary and Bill. Don’t they have any fresh fruit in their basket? Any Democrat who might desire to run for the presidency has to cast that ambition to the side, because the party establishment knows and understands that the Democrat Party ‘is’ the Clintons. But then again, that would all depend on what the definition of ‘is’ is.

As long as Hillary Clinton has her sights set for the White House, most Democrats who value their lives will get out of her way. Democrats know that they not dare compete seriously with the Clintons. Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley were jokes. Neither candidate was a significant contender for Hillary. They filled a space for the appearance of a Democrat challenger.

Hillary’s option to run in 2020 also sends a message to the world. She finds no reason to believe that her criminal activity will be met with any formidable fallout. Whatever details that may be uncovered in any future investigations of the Clinton Foundation or the emails will be brushed aside or scrubbed clean with political disinfectant. Hillary knows this to be true, because she understands the intensity of the Clinton power. She didn’t have to win the election to retain the full function and potential of the Clinton Machine.

Only Hillary Clinton would have the supreme arrogance to pursue, or even consider pursuing, the White House at age seventy-four, for the third try. But Hillary’s extreme yearning for the coveted position of United States President surpasses Bill’s lust for the White House interns. She can’t accept the fact that there is something that she cannot have.

Were the Clintons the Waterloo for the Democrat Party? Partially. Had the party base rejected the Clintons when Bill was exposed for his offensive and repulsive sexual escapades, that which included a rape, the Democrats just may have clung to some vestige of morality. But they didn’t. They made the Clintons more important than what little values the party still possessed twenty-five years ago. They traded their standards for their overwhelming devotion to the Clintons.

And it looks like the Clintons have no intentions of stepping off of the political stage. If they do, I would assume that it would be because they were made to do so. And they will only be made to do so if the Clinton Machine has lost some of its capacity.

If I were an up and coming Democrat leader, hoping to set my star for the Democrat presidential nomination, and I heard that Hillary Clinton was considering another run, I would be spitting nails. Unless the party revolts and puts the Clintons out to pasture, they will remain losers. But that’s okay by me. Hillary for president in 2020? Sounds good to me!


  1. With Debby Wasserman Schultz at the helm of the Clinton Media Machine and Chris Cuomo entrenched at CNN, of course this will be kept on life support. Arrogance reigns supreme in that house of cards

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