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You can’t teach an old dog new tricks, so don’t expect the Democrat Party to reverse its destructive course. Their old dog, Nancy Pelosi, was just re-elected to serve as the Democrat House leader. She won the title with sixty-eight percent of the vote.

Pelosi’s re-election tells the story of a party which is hell-bent on forging ahead with its wayward, globalist agenda. The Democrat Party, under the leadership of Pelosi and Barack Obama, made aggressive changes in the American political landscape during the past eight years. And during the 2016 presidential election, the people told them that they were unhappy with the direction of the country. But do the Democrats care? Heck no!

The Democrats are themselves the very definition of insanity. Not only are their policies insane and radical, but they did not even get the message on November 8, 2016. The people spoke and told the Washington Establishment that they wanted a big change. Giving the Republicans the presidency, the Senate, and the House, there was no misunderstanding as to the national dissatisfaction with the Democrat leadership.

And what do the House Democrats do? They ask for a repeat of the past eight years by choosing Pelosi as their leader. Aside from the fact that Nancy Pelosi is a ruthless woman, she is not very bright. Yet, Democrats find her to be the best that their party has to offer for leadership in the House of Representatives.

Instead of trying something different and choosing a more moderate and less controversial Democrat to lead their party, such as Tim Ryan, the Democrats plowed ahead with their unshakable bullheadedness. Pelosi’s re-election is proof positive that the party learned nothing from the Trump mania. These people are so out-of-touch with mainstream America that they cannot connect the simple dots which draw the picture of a furious electorate which is fed up with the Democrat platform. And Pelosi is one of the faces of radicalism in the Democrat Party.

For the Republicans, Pelosi’s re-election is an advantage. With her at the party’s helm it is unlikely that there will be any significant movement towards the mainstream. She will lead her progressive bunch down the same oppressive and regulatory path, resisting the will of the people. And it will pose well for the Republicans in the 2018 election midterms.

Nothing speaks louder to the electorate than the leadership which ignores their call for change. Pelosi is not a person of compromise or reason. She will herd the Democrat flock right off the political cliff.

There is no hope for the Democrat Party. Their future is bleak as they refuse to move to the middle. In what is their first symbolic expression of response to the 2016 elections, they fall back and pretend that nothing has changed. They have no intentions of re-directing their energies.

There will be no new tricks for the House Democrats under Nancy Pelosi. They needed a pup, but they kept their old dog. The cycle of insanity will continue.

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  1. The Republican advantage in the House is sufficient to make Pelosi insignificant. She may help get a super majority in the Senate in 2018.

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