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During the past twenty-five years, specifically the last eight years, Americans have been besieged by Progressives in the marketing, entertainment, media, and banking industries, just to name a few. Our entire culture has been influenced with the left-wing progressive doctrine via the educational system and mass communication.

Well, there’s a new sheriff in town, and apparently the big corporate Progressives either didn’t get the memo, or are dabbling in defiant politics, but for whatever reason Kelloggs has decided to make a civic statement by pulling its advertisements from Breitbart News. And the reason for this very short-sighted and imprudent decision, as stated by Kelloggs, is that Breitbart News conflicts with the values of Kelloggs.

And what values are you addressing with this statement, Kelloggs? Your values that grown men can hang out in bathrooms with little girls? Your values that people who come to America illegally should receive free healthcare while American citizens pay for their healthcare? Your values that illegal immigrants receive a tax-payer funded free government check? Or perhaps you are referring to your values that support the eradication of Judeo-Christian principles from the western culture.

Could it be that the executives of Kelloggs have spent the last few weeks crying over Donald Trump’s presidential victory? Invariably so, since it appears that the public relations experts at the cereal company have made the decision to insert themselves into the political fray to halt the unraveling of the progressive agenda in America. And they have started their little anti-conservative campaign with Breitbart.

The Progressives have not learned a thing from the defeat of Hillary Clinton and the Republican wins in the Senate and House. But then again, Progressives are not smart people. Their ‘progress’ during the past few decades is not a result of their sharp wits. It is the direct result of a complicit media which lied to the people and the media manipulation of the people with false information. Neither Bill Clinton or Barack Obama would have served as presidents had the media reported truthfully or ethically.

The lackluster brainiacs at Kelloggs believed that they could offend the millions of readers at Breitbart News by insulting them with allegations that their choice of reliable news was not in keeping with the purity and high standards of Kelloggs. They were arrogant enough to believe that there would be no consequences for their hubris. It never occurred to the cereal-making dimwits that the patrons of Breitbart may become offended and quit buying Kelloggs breakfast foods.

Oh no, that would take too much brainpower for the progressive pop tart simpletons. But to be fair, they aren’t used to being hit back. That’s why the Democrats cried and wet their pants over Hillary Clinton’s presidential defeat. The Democrats are used to having their way. They are used to doing the bullying, but they don’t know how to ‘man up’ when someone takes a swing at them.

But Kelloggs just found out that Breitbart readers are striking back, and they are doing it in terms of a Kelloggs boycott. Ouch! The boycott will not put Kelloggs out of business, but it will be felt. And it may be felt enough that somebody doesn’t get their yearly bonus.

It is past time that Conservatives began to clean the clocks of the Progressives who try to persuade the political landscape by using their products to control the public opinion. I will be joining the boycott of Kelloggs. Other cereal companies offer similar breakfast foods, and I intend to give my business to them, unless they too decide to complicate their marketing by making a political statement.

Kelloggs needs to stay out of politics or pay the price. I am a firm believer that if you get punched, you punch back, but twice as hard. Good luck, Breitbart! Snap, crackle, Punch!

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