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It’s official and straight from the horse’s mouth. The Democrat Party is going to stay the course, and that’s according to House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi. As a guest on ‘Face the Nation’ this morning, Pelosi was asked about the future of the Democrats, and she wasted no time in assuring the viewers that there will be no change in identity for the Democrats. In short, the Democrats didn’t learn a darn thing from the 2016 election after losing the presidency and both houses of Congress.

Pelosi assured host John Dickerson that the values of the Democrat Party unify the base. Hmm, I’m just wondering aloud here, but when Pelosi speaks of Democrat values, is she referring to the Democrats’ key value to abort as many babies as possible? Or maybe she’s referring to the Democrat principles to surrender American sovereignty. If she wanted to be honest, which is rare for a Democrat, Pelosi would have confessed that it is the Democrats’ lack of values that unite them.

According to the House Minority Leader, the Democrats have a message of supporting working families. Did it ever occur to Pelosi and the Democrats that encouraging illegal immigration and hustling in hundreds of thousands of non-English speaking migrants to pile onto the welfare system is not ‘supporting’ working families? I wonder if Pelosi even realizes that the ‘working’ Americans have to support the non-working illegals and migrants? Probably not, as a person would actually have to be able to think to draw that conclusion and thinking is absolutely not in Pelosi’s job description. After all, she is the woman, who as Speaker of the House, declared that Congress must pass Obamacare in order to find out what’s in it.

Dickerson reminded Pelosi that the Democrats have been getting clobbered in every election since the 2008 presidential election. They have been losing House members as well as governors. He suggested to Pelosi that the Democrat Party is experiencing a real crisis.

“Not so,” said Pelosi, in reference to the declining popularity of her feeble party. In other words, using Pelosi-think, the Democrats numbers were so high in 2008 that they had nowhere to go but down. Physicist Sir Isaac Newton said, “What goes up must come down,” but I don’t think he was referring to the Democrat Party.

John Dickerson was right. The Democrat Party is in crisis, and Nancy Pelosi is the proof in the pudding. When Pelosi praised the Hamas terrorists as humanitarians, the Democrats should have taken the cue. But fortunately for the Republicans, they didn’t. They turned right around and sent Edith Bunker back to Washington.

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