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If you were under the impression that Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 presidential election to Donald Trump, you may need to adjust your thinking to reflect a more progressive perspective. Just because Donald Trump defeated Clinton does not mean that she is a loser or failure. No, not at all. According to the new liberal spin, Hillary enjoyed a ‘successful failure’ on election day.

So, exactly what is a ‘successful failure’? I realize that I shouldn’t need to ask as it is definitely self explanatory, that is if you use the language and reasoning of a Liberal. It is a failure that was successful. Would that mean that Hillary failed to win the White House, because she wanted to lose, thus making her efforts to fail successful? Could it mean that Hillary’s loss was a personal failure but a success for the country? Perhaps it means that Hillary failed to win the presidency but she was successful because she gave it the old college try.

Understanding the logic of a Liberal is tantamount to recognizing the mating ritual of a warthog. It’s incomprehensible and a waste of time. If the Democrats invested as much time safeguarding the principles of the United States Constitution as they have in distorting the English language, Hillary’s successful failure just might have been a successful success. But again, as Bill Clinton would say, “That all depends on what the definition of ‘is’ is. Democrats have the unique talent of translating English in terms of how well the definition suits their agenda. They are professional word masters.

Left-wing radio host Mark Thompson has been trying to find a way to spin Hillary’s loss as a win. Thompson boasted on MSNBC that Clinton’s loss to Trump was really a win, because she had almost as many votes as Barack Obama garnered in 2012. No wonder they call it liberal spin. The reasoning applied by the Liberals is so absurd that it makes a sane person’s head spin.

So, let me get this straight. The Democrat presidential candidates are now competing with their own party’s former presidential candidates. Hillary was successful in her presidential loss, because she almost had, but not quite, as many votes against Donald Trump as Barack Obama had against Mitt Romney. What can I say? Seriously, how do you address an entire group of people with this manifestation of logic without calling them names? I am trying to restrain all urges to call these people idiots, morons, dimwits, imbeciles, dumbbells and lamebrains. But my gosh, there is only so much that a person can resist.

And it only gets better. Thompson said that Americans voted for Democrat senators and Democrat House members. I’ve never heard of this guy, Thompson, but is he a loser or what? The Republicans took the presidency, the Senate, and the House, and Thompson is doing cartwheels, because some Americans did vote for Democrats in the House and Senate. Of course, some Americans did vote for Democrats in the House and Senate. But Thompson considers it a big win for the Democrats, because they weren’t skunked.

Coherent thought for a Democrat is an exercise in futility. Imagine the frustration they must feel as they struggle with the affliction of delusional thinking. Describing Trump voters as ‘sore winners’, these agents of self-deception continue to spiral downward into the liberal abyss.

For the record of logic, there is no such animal as a successful failure. And where and how the Democrats arrived at such nonsense is a question that can only be answered by another Liberal. But for the sake of national unity, what do you say that Republicans honor Hillary Clinton with a Participation trophy dedicated to ‘successful failures’ everywhere?

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