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Rush Limbaugh has been a controversial conservative in the Era of Trump, and I for one, have been disappointed in the trailblazer of talk radio for several reasons. But yesterday Rush touched on a topic that has been near and dear to my heart for several decades, that being the ceaseless compulsion of conservatives to play defense. We have seen this humiliating story time and time again from conservative leaders, and yes, also the conservative base.

When it comes to facing their foes known as progressivism, liberalism, or other far left political ideology, I hate to say it, but conservatives are cowardly. At least they have been. And this has been due to a trickle down effect which begins in Washington D.C. with the Republican leaders who have been failing to lead the conservative movement. The Republican base, searching for a conservative leader, who will actually lead, have not found it within themselves to take the initiative to take the offensive. But with the election of Donald Trump, everything changed.

Suddenly, “Game on!” Not only did the Republicans elect a non-traditional, unconventional president, but they chose a man who is most comfortable when he is, bluntly, ‘kicking ass’. And ‘kicking ass’ is undeniably an offensive tactic which completely changes the dynamics of the political sport. When you are kicking the ass of your adversaries, it goes without saying that they are not kicking yours. Donald Trump understands this concept.

Trump ‘gets it’. He recognizes the need to fight fire with more fire and hotter fire. Conservatives have always been slow on the uptake when it comes to understanding the need for very aggressive tactics when faced with amoral and nefarious opponents. Conservatives almost always want to play nice. We want to be diplomatic and fair with those whom are inherently immune to any appeal of reason. We have been excessively patient in our wait for Liberals to finally see the light of truth and wisdom. And while we have anticipated that those on the loony Left would have an awakening or a surge of common sense, we have softened.

Perhaps, our predominantly Judo-Christian background has inspired us to go easy on those who are cognitive midgets. In truth, it is the Christians who are compassionate and forgiving with those who continuously throw accusations and dirt in our faces. During the past eight years, under the most racist president of our lifetime, conservatives have had to endure false allegations of racism, bigotry, homophobia, Islamaphobia, hate-mongering, sexism, transphobia, and a litany of other unwarranted and derogatory slurs.

And what did conservatives do when they were deluged with phony charges of prejudice and intolerance? They denied it. They squirmed and began defending themselves with comments such as, “I’m not a racist. I have black friends,” “I love everyone, even Gays,” “I love the sinner but hate the sin,” “I hate the Confederate Flag,” or my favorite, “I just love Ben Carson and Allen West.” When conservatives have been targeted with insinuations of bigotry, they have become weak-kneed, short of breath, and fallen on their knees at the foot of the politically correct cross.

This “I’ll do anything you say, but just please don’t call me a racist,” mindset of conservatives cost them years of mental anguish. Conservatives needed only to go on the offense to stop the charges of racism. Liberals hurled these accusations at conservatives, because they effectively brought the conservatives to their knees. Conservatives became terror-stricken in alarm that someone might think they were racist. Had the conservatives boldly responded to the liberals’ phony implications of bigotry or racism with confidence and amusement rather than fear and frustration as they struggled to resist these accusations, they would have gained control of the politically correct nonsense long ago.

I have always refused to play the politically correct game of racist, bigot, hate-monger, etc. And believe me, I have been called those names more times than I can count, and they never phase me. And I mean never. Each one of us knows what lies in our own heart, and if we let our enemies create a false identity for us so as to control us, then game over. We lost. Conservatives must have the belief in themselves to stand against the onslaught of this verbal garbage.

I admit that the Left is sly and relentless. They make examples of those whom they deem to have fallen short of politically correct virtue at some point in their lives. Just as Saul Alinsky advised, they target and isolate the individuals whom they wish to humiliate or publicly destroy. The nation watched as the Food Network queen Paula Deen was disgraced on the world stage, and all because she confessed that once upon a time she had used the ‘n’ word. Deen was emotionally and financially trampled upon for this long ago indiscretion. She was stripped of her Food Network Show, and Walmart cleared their shelves of her products. She was boycotted and shunned by the entertainment world. But what was worse for Deen was her tearful breakdown on the ‘Today Show’ in which she begged for forgiveness. Her self-degradation was too much for me to bear. Had I been Deen, I would have had some choice words for the hypocrites on the show, but they would not have been in the form of an apology.

All the while the liberals were well aware of the message that they were sending to conservatives, which was, “If we can do this to Paula Deen, a woman with millions, just think about what we can do to you.” And conservatives took notice. And they got quiet. And they shivered. And they felt totally powerless. But it was all an illusion that the liberals had created to keep conservatives on the defensive. Unfortunately it worked.

Donald Trump was not my first choice among Republicans for president. I am well aware of his weaknesses. But when it comes to the fight, he makes his opponents cry. Because Donald Trump knows that playing on the offensive team is the only way to win. Playing defense is for losers.

You either kick their ass or they kick yours. There is no third choice in the world of politics.


  1. I now correct those who call me racist, bigot or misogynist. I tell them I’m a Deplorable and proud of it. It’s cost me a few Dim friends, but that comes with the territory.

  2. I love your writing! It took me a couple years to “blow off” the accusations of racism, bigotry etc by ignoring, laughing, and counter punching…always being kind and questioning their motives. They HATE that. Conservatives are a gentler, kinder people and we tend to immediately go on the defense. NO MORE. I don’t feel I was ever cowardly I consider myself as considerate, tolerant, and my upbringing and conscience would not allow such hatred toward another. I have learned “they” are not normal….they don’t have a thought process that even comes close to that of a conservative…so I began playing by their rules; offense, never defense. It works. Thanks for your great posts!

    • Thank you, Pat. Conservatives and Christians can still be considerate and kind. But just as our grandfathers and great grandfathers fought in Germany, France, and the Pacific to stop the evil from coming to American shores, we must set aside our gentilities in order to stop this enemy of freedom. We are simply exercising our instincts for survival. And realistically, if we don’t try to stop the progressives and their insane agenda to destroy the western culture, bring world governance, and the inevitable genocide of the white race, we are as crazy as they are. I am glad you enjoy my commentaries. 🙂

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