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I am not nor was I ever a psychotherapist, but I have lived enough years and witnessed enough craziness that I am pretty darn good at pinpointing the elephant in the room. Some things are just too obvious to miss. And Michael Moore’s bitterness and resentment for traditional America is one of the undeniable elephants in our midst.

Michael Moore is the guy from high school who was always on the outside looking in. He was the guy who wanted to be popular. He was the guy who wanted to be a jock. He was the guy who wanted the girls. But he just couldn’t be that guy, and he resented all of the white boys who had what he wanted. His book “Stupid White Men” was Moore’s symbolic declaration of the animosity that he felt for conventional life in America and the white boys who had what he couldn’t have.

Moore has spent his lifetime seeking retaliation on the segment of society that he feels to be responsible for shunning him. And he took his grievances into the world of politics. He hates capitalism and loved Fidel Castro. He alleged that there were links between the families of George H.W. Bush and Osama bin Laden. He is critical of America’s healthcare system and the Second Amendment.

Where there is political controversy, Michael Moore is close by, in search of the stick that he can continue to poke in Middle America’s eye. So, it goes without saying that Moore is very unhappy with the election of Donald Trump. In fact, he’s so enraged over Trump’s victory that he is calling for protestor’s to disrupt Trump’s inauguration. Undoubtedly, some will show up at Moore’s suggestion. But in their own best interest, these protestors might want to shy away from violence.

Moore’s latest stunt came this week when he stopped by ‘Late Night” with Seth Myers and told Myers that he is going to lead the charge to eradicate the Electoral College. Moore said that he believes the popular vote should determine the presidency. Well, of course he does. Aside from the fact that Trump probably won the popular vote if you nullify the millions of illegal votes, the Founders had a purpose for letting the states choose the president via electoral votes. The Founders wanted to protect the republic from men with the mindset of Michael Moore.

If the president was chosen on popular vote, the candidates would only campaign in the far left hubs of the big cities. They would frame their policies to please the extreme left liberals who reside in the heavily populated cities and urban areas of the blue states. Red America would be virtually ignored by aspiring presidents seeking the popular vote. The Electoral College assures that all areas of the country are represented.

The thoughts of Michael Moore, who bears a striking resemblance to Jabba the Hutt, calling out the Founders, who were the architects of this great nation, is absurd. Picture in your mind, if you will, Michael Moore in heated debate with Alexander Hamilton, George Washington, or Thomas Jefferson. The mental image of this scenario could be the inspiration for an award winning comedy. “Jabba the Hutt versus the Founders” with Michael Moore playing himself. “Stupid White Men” indeed!

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  1. He’s one of the ‘fly overs’. They fly over the real America when traveling from New York to California, from one fruit basket to another. Hillary was a ‘fly over’ too and it cost her the election.

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