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Whether you are a fan of Donald Trump or not, Trump’s win was a monumental setback for the progressive movement. Whatever we get from him in terms of policy, assuming he is true to his promises, should set the Left back at least one generation. Nevertheless, for the majority of conservatives, the real fight against progressivism has just begun. For far too long, conservatives have been aware that something was not right within the Republican Party as well as the Democrat Party. But they could not identify the enemy. They did not understand the foe or ideology of progressivism.

And truthfully, if you asked most Americans today for the definition of progressivism, they would plead ignorance or rattle off an incoherent statement about social justice and globalism. They don’t know, because the progressive agenda has been hidden from the American public. While the progressive agenda has been a viable ingredient of the Washington political stew, the recipe has been a secret. Progressives had to conceal their long-term plan for the nation, because they knew that We the People would never buy into it if we understood what the outcome would mean for our freedoms and lifestyle.

Very bluntly, communism is progressivism on steroids. Progressivism takes a society to the same destination as does socialism and communism. The difference is that progressivism is intended as a steady drip, drip, drip of Marxist principles to disguise the radicalism which awaits at the end of the progressive rainbow. There is no pot of gold. There is only a cauldron of poverty, heartache, oppression, tyranny, and blood.

Communism is about radical revolution whereas progressivism is a baby step indoctrination which sidesteps the violence at the beginning. The violence comes later, after the people realize what has happened while they were sleeping. The violence with progressivism results from the loss of liberty and ethnic cleansing which always follows the racial, ethnic, and religious divide which is deliberately created by the progressives with the assistance of the complicit media.

I don’t mince words. I refuse to dance to the tune of the politically correct or those who understand the truth but are afraid to say it. The ethnic cleansing which is directly over the horizon is the eradication of the white race. It lies within the framework of the United Nations and globalist structures. White privilege and white guilt are just lead ups to the persecution of whites. But that’s a story all in itself.

The very liberal Wikipedia’s definition of ‘progressivism’ is “a broad philosophy of Progress, which asserts that advancement in science, technology, economic development, and social organization are vital to improve the human condition.” How’s that for a camouflage? Now who would object to improving the human condition through progress, that being science, social, economic, and technology? How convenient that the definition fails to include the details of this Marxist-driven plan for the world.

Progressives were successful in their monumental transformation of America, and the world for that matter, because they were patient. The media advanced their ideology with propaganda and ‘fake news’. Their number one objective was to saturate the educational system, in particularly the universities, with progressive thinkers and activists. Once academia was impregnated with these professors, whose number one priority was to propagate the progressive doctrine, the swell of the graduates became young disciples of the progressive movement. And they took their designated roles in the American culture and bedrock. They permeated the hierarchy of every major institution, that being education, communications, psychiatry, medicine, business, economics, entertainment, and even churches.

It was a well orchestrated and timely effort to slowly but surely mislead the American people into a false state of Utopia. It was behavior modification at its finest hour.

When Barack Obama was first elected president, I realized that we had reached the pinnacle of the progressive climb in America. I had been scrutinizing him since he gave the keynote address at John Kerry’s presidential nomination in 2004. I knew that this man from nowhere, who had the voice of a commander, was key to the progressives. And as he began to govern, or should I say rule, I understood that he was about to reveal the progressive movement.

Alarmed as I was with the Obama presidency, I saw a very bright light. And that light was the realization that while the Democrat Progressives had taken control of the White House and that they were beginning to dismantle the western culture in America, they had miscalculated the timing of their final curtain call.

After over a century of a slow but consistent campaign to transform America into a communist state of Utopian nightmares, the progressives became greedy. They wanted what they wanted, and they wanted it now. And they became impatient, and instead of continuing with their slow but steady pace to the finish line, they began to run. They became too eager and giddy with excitement. They stumbled.

Since the inception of the Obama presidency, I have held onto one specific belief. The progressives needed one more generation of idiots to complete their transformation of America. In their haste they did not consider one very huge roadblock which was the Baby Boomers. The progressives underestimated the power of the Boomers.

The Baby Boomers are the generation of Americans who were well educated as to the threats and perils of communism. The Boomers went through public schools before the onslaught of the progressive propaganda into the curriculum. Most of them understand tyranny and the horrors which are the by-products of Marxist ideology. The Boomers are entering the last phase of their lives, but most of them still have their minds, their health, and financial stability. They are a mighty adversary. But the progressives did not consider them in their analysis of the timeframe with which to launch their final takedown of the nation.

Had the progressives waited just twenty more years for their final shove, the Boomers would have been elderly and too old to fight the infiltration of the progressives. They would have had one more generation indoctrinated within the public school system. The progressives should have known better as patience has been their most essential feature.

Barack Obama’s administration crossed the lines of governance that it finally took to awaken the Boomers. It was Obama’s extreme arrogance and radical ideology that shook the sleeping giant. If he had governed as a moderate progressive and continued with the incremental and less noticeable transformative advancements, as his progressive predecessors had done, Hillary Clinton would have defeated Donald Trump.

Barack Obama shoved social justice into the faces of Americans. He spit in the face of the Christians and working Americans. He made a mockery of the justice system, and he attempted to make the absurd appear normal. But he could not finish the job because the Baby Boomers were educated, truly educated.

Obama has been a punishment, and he has been a gift. His presidency is the necessary evil that just may have saved America!

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  1. Judy,, do you believe we are going to win this battle that we are fighting? I really believe God worked in our election but do we have enough believers to carry on the fight? I have two grand daughters that I had to block on FB and they latterly hate me. They are so brain washed by the colleges they attend. I don’t know who they are any more. Is there any hope?

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