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If we have learned anything from the progressive revolutionaries, it should be that great strides can be made with baby steps. Passionate people who are patient and dedicated can turn the entire world. And while the Progressives have done it for over a century, that dog no longer hunts. It’s our turn now.

There are so many fronts to this war against progressivism, and it is impossible for each of us to fight on every front. But we can make choices, and we can tackle the issues near and dear to our hearts. You do not have to be a public figure or protesting in the streets to make a difference.

One of, if not the most flagrant evils of the progressive movement is Roe v. Wade and the doors that it opened to diabolical murder and the selling of baby parts. How does a nation explain its practice of such barbarism and savagery on the most innocent among them? How do we justify organizations, such as Planned Parenthood, that are responsible for the deaths of over 330,000 babies each year? Not to mention Planned Parenthood’s involvement in the selling of the aborted babies’ body parts.

It just takes one person with the heart of a warrior to change the direction of, or to stop a powerful force. And for the pro-life movement it was James O’Keefe, the young man who took on Planned Parenthood. O’Keefe and his Project Veritas literally entered the den of the enemy, that being the Planned Parenthood clinics, and exposed the putrid procedures of the abortion industry. Amid death threats and legal action against him, James O’Keefe fought and still fights like a warrior.

The courage and passion of this one man, who was determined to penetrate the baby-killing mills and reveal the brutality and utter inhumanity of the abortion industry, has inspired a movement which is gaining momentum. Since O’Keefe’s revelations concerning Planned Parenthood’s profiteering became public, attention has been brought to those who fund this disgraceful organization. And with that attention comes unwanted publicity for the donors.

After O’Keefe’s exposition on the abortion giant last year, forty-one businesses were financially linked to Planned Parenthood. But thanks to the research divulging the names of these companies, several began to distance themselves from the altar of baby murderers. I am pleased to write that Coca Cola, Xerox, Ford, and AT&T withdrew their monetary support from Planned Parenthood. And this week brought Macy’s on board with those companies who are refusing to fund the killing of babies and the selling of their parts. Macy’s reiterated their stance with a second vote to confirm their position. Here’s to a big shout out to Macys!

Yes, I realize that five from forty-one still leaves thirty-six businesses in the camp of or straddling the fence of Planned Parenthood. As I wrote earlier, these changes occur with ‘Mother May I’ baby steps. The next baby step is to identify the remaining thirty-six companies who need to readjust their funding priorities. So, here they are: 1)Adobe 2)American Cancer Society 3)American Express 4)Avon 5)Bank of America 6)Bath and Body Works 7)Ben and Jerry’s 8)Clorox 9)Converse 10)Dockers 11)Energizer 12)Expedia 13)ExxonMobil 14) Fannie Mae 15)Groupon 16)Intuit 17)Johnson and Johnson 18)La Senza 19)Levi Straus 20)Liberty Mutual 21)March of Dimes 22)Microsoft 23)Morgan Stanley 24)Nike 25)Oracle 26)PepsiCo 27) Pfizer 28)Progressive 29)Starbucks 30)Susan G. Komen 31)Tostitos 32)Unilever 33)United Way 34)Verizon 35)Wells Fargo and 36)Deutsche Bank.

James O’Keefe is just one of the many culture warriors who are willing to take risks to seek the truth and expose those who wish to conceal it. This very young man took a chance and stood against compelling and what seemed to be invincible forces. And he took a huge chunk out of their armor. The abortion industry is beginning to unravel, thanks to O’Keefe and those like him who have the hearts of a warrior. It may happen with the speed of a tortoise, but it will continue to crumble.

When I was a young child with an impatient soul, wanting things to happen and happen now, my mother always said to me, “Good things come to those who wait.” She was always right with her words of wisdom. But now, as I look back, she should have said, “Good things come to those who wait. But better things happen to those with the heart of a warrior.”

Today, I salute James O’Keefe and all of those Bravehearts who have taken on the enemy of progressivism.


  1. Judy, I work for my local United Way. All United Way’s are run by volunteer boards of local citizens and address the needs of their own community. Our United Way does not support Planned Parenthood and neither does the United Way of Central WV. It is unfair to lump us all into one basket. Here is the United Way Worldwide’s official statement.

    United Way Worldwide Statement on Support for Planned Parenthood
    United Way Worldwide, the leadership and support organization for the network of local United Ways, does not provide financial support to Planned Parenthood.
    All funding decisions by local United Ways are made by individual United Ways based on an assessment of local needs. United Way Worldwide does not dictate funding decisions to local United Ways.  Out of nearly 1,200 local United Ways in the United States, only a small number (less than 6 percent) provide support to Planned Parenthood. The amount of financial support represents less than one tenth of one percent of total United Way revenue. In many of these instances, funding for Planned Parenthood is the result of specific requests from individual donors.
    No United Way funds are currently used, or have ever been used to support abortion services.   Several local United Way partners provide professional family and individual counseling services, which include professional counseling on pregnancy-related problems.
    Local United Way-funded Planned Parenthood programs focus on community health maintenance (e.g. communicable disease prevention; medical care service; family planning; health education; public awareness services; and family preservation) and strengthening services like counseling and family life education.

    • Thanks, Jayne. I just provided the list that is being published of Planned Parenthood’s direct donors. Apparently, Coca Cola, Xerox, and Ford were erroneously on the list and they complained by saying that that they had broken ties with Planned Parenthood. So, they were taken off the list. I think it would be a good idea if you checked with your United Way and tell them that they are on the list. They can take action to have their name removed. I didn’t compile this list. I’m just passing it along. Thanks for providing the statement regarding United Way’s support of Planned Parenthood.

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