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I have always suspected that liberals suffer from a form of mental illness or derangement syndrome, and it’s beginning to look like I was right on the money. After the 2016 presidential election and the victory for President-elect Trump, things got a little loony in Liberal Land. Alright, I amend that statement. Things are always a little loony in Liberal Land, but the defeat of Hillary Clinton brought the babies straight out of their cribs. Mature conservative Americans were witness to the largest mental meltdown of adults, namely liberal adults, in what would have to be the history of the country.

From the crying rooms and safe spaces on college campuses to the puppies and hot chocolate brought to Democrats on Capitol Hill, the entire Democrat Party unveiled the inner infants within the bullies. I have never seen such a pitiful parade of idiots in my life.

But it only gets worse. New York City Mayor communist Bill de Blasio is offering mental health services for city workers who are feeling distressed over the election of Donald Trump. His press secretary stated that this post-election period has understandably produced anxiety among people in the city where over 80% of the people voted for Hillary Clinton. And when you throw in the holidays and the stress that comes with Christmas and shopping, many New Yorkians have trouble coping.

I think it was about right here that the violins began playing. Seriously, is this guy for real? I realize that he’s a communist, so we know that he’s in need of therapy himself. But spending millions of tax payer dollars on therapy for city employers is over-the-top absurd and wasteful. I wonder how tax payers who voted for Trump will respond to their dollars being used to buy diapers for the Democrats who are stressed out thinking about Trump as president. “I want my mommy!”

When Thomas Jefferson won the election and presidency in 1801 by defeating John Adams, there were no reports of John Adams’ supporters throwing themselves off of bridges or seeking mental help. When John McCain and Mitt Romney lost the presidential elections of 2004 and 2008 to a Marxist, Republicans did not take to the psychiatrist’s couch. They didn’t color in coloring books or hide under their beds to de-stress. They got out of bed and went to work the next day while an abundance of Obama supporters stayed in bed or went to sign up for Obama phones and other freebies.

Unlike the weasly, thumb-sucking liberals, conservatives behaved responsibly despite the fact that a Marxist had taken control of the White House. When liberals lose, they want a safe place to cry.

The emotional meltdowns of the liberals speaks volumes about their candidate. People, who are so mentally fragile that they cannot cope with the results of an election without hot chocolate and therapists, should not be trusted to vote with a rational mind. It goes without saying that they will vote with their emotions rather than cognition.

Had my candidate lost, I would have licked my wounds and regrouped. You can bet your bottom dollar that I would not have needed counseling. And I can proudly state that I would not have even needed a hug.

It looks as though the New York City Council may need to invest in a tractor trailer load of Pampers or Huggies. They are obviously having a problem with their city employees wetting their pants.

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