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As the nation prepares for a Donald Trump presidency, Barack Obama has become little more than a shadow in the background. With only a month to serve in office, Obama is struggling for relevance. While Trump makes his ‘Thank You’ tour across America, Obama is taking a goodbye cruise to remind the nation of its legacy of slavery, racism, Jim Crow, and colonialism. Thanks to the white man, of course. Because if Barack Obama has left a legacy, it is the lie that the white man, particularly the Christian, continues to wreak havoc on the innocent lives of minorities.

In a stunning display of arrogance, the nation’s first ‘real’ Marxist president has the audacity to complain about slavery. Considering that Obama’s Marxist policies have been the embodiment of enslavement, he is obviously addressing know-nothing Democrat audiences who actually still believe his nonsense.

If any one president can be said to have maintained or encouraged a culture of enslavement, it would be the first black president of the United States. How ironic is that? Barack Obama’s Marxist policies enslaved tens of millions of working Americans of all colors and ethnicities. Obama’s socialist scheme to transfer the wealth of the nation from the workers to the non-workers, all the while maintaining an uber-wealthy elite class of socialites, enslaved far more people than Jim Crow shackled.

Obama oppressed the American worker with excessive regulations, excessive taxes, and excessive restrictions. He deprived American people of jobs as he obliterated complete industries such as coal mining, thus reducing the miners to a state of welfare dependency.

Not only did Obama encourage the American people to be dependent on the state with his endless benefit programs, but he actually advertised for foreigners in Central and South American countries to come to America for our bountiful benefits. Billboards, advertising food cards, were erected in these countries. Illegal immigrants were seduced into the United States with promises of free healthcare, food and housing.

Muslim migrants were brought from the other side of the world to enjoy an American lifestyle in exchange for absolutely nothing. Barack Obama sacrificed the financial security of millions of working Americans by literally giving away their hard-earned money. And in doing so, he made slaves of the American working class.

Taking the hard-earned money of workers and using it to garner political support and the dependency of a weaker or irresponsible class of people is a form of enslavement. But Obama has no problem with that form of slavery as long as he and the Democrat Party are the ‘masters’ who take from one person and give to another person, in essence swapping handouts for votes.

Obama claims that America leaves a legacy of racism. In truth America leaves a legacy as the only country that fought a civil war to end slavery. Racism has existed in every nation since the beginning of time, yet Americans were the people who aggressively fought against discrimination, passed the Civil Rights Act, and wrote laws to assist minorities in education and employment.

It is virtually impossible to eliminate racism from the hearts of all people. Neither leaders nor laws can erase an institution or belief system. Only the passage of time and education heals the wounds of prejudice and bigotry.

But it is possible for one man, that being the leader of the free world, to provoke racial unrest. Barack Obama stoked the dying embers of the racism fire. He was the agitator who found it to be politically expedient to resurrect racism on a whim. He is the Commander-in-Chief who accused the police of killing blacks without just cause.

Barack Obama is the president who sees everything in terms of color. He is the man who referred to his own grandmother as ‘a typical white person.’ What is a typical white person, Mr. President? He is the man who personalized the shooting of Trayvon Martin when he stated, “If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon Martin.” He is the man who said “The Cambridge Police acted stupidly,” in reference to the arrest of black man Henry Louis Gates, a black man who was breaking into his own home. Obama admitted that he had no facts to the arrest, but he did know it was the fault of the white police and not the black defendant.

It could not be any more obvious that Barack Obama welcomes racial unrest. It is not the majority of Whites or Blacks who want to revive the days of interracial distrust. The overwhelming majority of Whites and Blacks in America want racial harmony. It is only the fringe extremists such as the New Black Panthers, Black Lives Matter, and the White Supremacists who thrive in the atmosphere of hate. And Barack Obama? Well, he, too, enjoys the chaos and commotion which interrupt racial progress.

Barack Obama had the opportunity to completely tear down the walls of distrust and animosity between the races. As the nation’s first black president he had it within him to build a permanent bridge across the racial divide. But he didn’t, because to do so would have endangered his Marxist agenda.

Only one more month and we are free of the man who will go down in American history as the worst president in the history of the nation. The next few weeks cannot pass quickly enough. Goodbye, Barack Obama. You will not be missed. If we survived you, we can endure anything.

God Bless America!


  1. Judy…this is perhaps your best work yet. Every true American should read your words. Obama followed the teachings of his idol Saul Alinsky to the letter. Hillary tried to use Obama’s coalition of everyone EXCEPT the middle class white working families. Thank GOD it did not work. As you have said before, Obama’s presidency saved America. The Republicans should gain several US Senate seats in 2018 because the Dems have so many more at risk. If we can get Trump in for 8 years, the results, especially considering the opportunities to set the Supreme Court for 30 years plus. The country has been literally saved. I hope most Americans will eventually realize this.

  2. I thought Jimmy Carter could never be eclipsed as the worst President in the history of this country. Obama set a whole new standard, and I can’t imagine this country surviving if the standard he set is eclipsed.

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