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I was not a fan of Donald Trump’s tweeting during the primary election season. I was put off by his many insults in what appeared as childish antics. But I have had a change of heart in regards to Trump’s tweets. I don’t find tweeting to be presidential, but I am resigned to the reality that President Trump is going to be the “Oh no, he didn’t really just say that, did he” president. And somehow it suits Trump.

But there is another factor which has entered into my reconsideration of Trump’s tweeting. Tweeting allows Trump to take his message directly to the people. He sidesteps the phony journalists who create news rather than report the truth. Since the mainstream media misquote conservatives or any political operatives who are not politically correct, Trump’s use of Twitter gives him the advantage of saying what he wants without the hindrance of the media deliberately misinterpreting his statements.

Twitter also offers Trump the opportunity to respond to media bias with his own clarification or translation of their unethical journalism. Case in point would be Trump’s recent tweet in which he countered the media’s non-stop chatter about Russia’s so-called election cyberattacks. He pointed out that the hacking revealed an email which showed that Hillary Clinton had received a Democrat primary debate question in advance. Trump tweeted, “Are we talking about the same cyberattack where it was revealed that head of the DNC illegally gave Hillary the questions to the debate?”

Politico has complained that Trump is not changing his ways since being elected president. He has attacked a Manhattan magazine publisher, and Indiana union leader, and the cast of Saturday Night Live. Politico also noted that Trump went on the attack after the Washington Post reported that the CIA believes that Russia hacked Democrat targets to help Trump win the election.

I’m a firm believer in “what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.” I can’t say that I blame Trump. He won the election, and now the bitter Democrats and their liberal establishment friends are determined to undermine his win with suggestions that he cheated with the help of the Russians. Why wouldn’t he strike back with his own thoughts? And drawing attention to Hillary’s cheating during the primary debates was fair play.

The Democrat media has yet to come to terms with the real world. They are still existing in the time warp in which they were given permission by Republicans to spin the news, make up the news, slant the news, and cover up the stories which didn’t conform to their progressive agenda. They are having difficulty coming to terms with a president-elect who is not going to abide by their dictates.

The mainstream media has enjoyed manipulating the news for three decades. They have delighted in the fear that they have instilled in conservative lawmakers who tremble at the thoughts of being the target of a media smear. Republicans have maintained a silence rather than to risk the wrath of the out-of-control media which is synchronized to target, isolate, and attack their subjects just as Saul Alinsky instructed.

The mainstream media is nothing more than the right arm of the Democrat Party. They are here to serve the Democrats and their globalist agenda. Trusting these devious masters of deception to promote the truth is foolish. Trump would be judicious to never depend on the media to deliver his messages as intended.

Beating the media at its own game involves a willingness to break their spirit by leaving them out of the loop. Trump’s message to the media should simply be, “Liars don’t play at my house.” Going directly to the people will cut the arrogant media elite off right at the knees.

Keep right on tweeting President-elect, Trump. Make them cry!


  1. I have tweeted to Trump to keep tweeting. As long as the left hates that he does it; the more he needs to use social media. It keeps the media and pundits on their heels…never quite able to keep up or spin his words. Agree totally with you!

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