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Back in the day National Geographic was a magazine which offered an educational account of people and places throughout the world. Nat. Geo. provided a pictorial and descriptive account of indigenous tribes in their environment. School kids everywhere turned to this popular publication for geography projects and term papers.

National Geographic was unique and ahead of its time. But somewhere along the way the publishers of the magazine drank the progressive kool aid, and they took a sharp turn to the left. At this point, National Geographic abandoned its focus on topography, geology, earth science, and anthropology, and it began focusing on geopolitical issues. Like everything else in the world of education, the once apolitical periodical transformed into a geopolitical weapon to promote globalism and humanism.

But National Geographic has just stepped over the line of propriety as they have just dedicated a special issue of their magazine to the gender revolution. According to the magazine, the January 2017 special edition is devoted to ‘exploring our evolving understandings and definitions of gender.’ The cover picture is that of a nine year old transgender rights activist by the name of Avery Jackson.

Aside from the inappropriate and bizarre nature of the special edition itself, especially for a publication which identifies itself as a geographically oriented resource, let’s consider the expertise of a ‘nine year old’ boy who self-identifies as a girl and an activist. National Geographic has lost all perspective by glamourizing and validating the experiences of a nine year old kid. A boy with absolutely no educational knowledge or wisdom is glorified for his expertise in gender identity.

National Geographic features a quote by Jackson which reads, “The best thing about being a girl is that now I don’t have to pretend to be a boy.” Ah! Sweet words of wisdom. Now, who could challenge such a prophetic statement?

The special gender evolution issue will be accompanied by a documentary that is released December 27, produced by National Geographic and hosted by disgraced journalist Katie Couric. The editor-in-chief at Nat. Geo., Susan Goldberg, stated that the special edition and documentary will tell the stories of transgender people that might not get told otherwise. Are you daft, Ms. Goldberg? Of course, they won’t get told. Our society does not glamourize mental illness. We try to help these people, not encourage them down the suicidal path.

Goldberg added that they want to look at gender as a spectrum and that she was inspired by the gender omnipresence in the national conversation. Here we go again with the ole ‘national conversation’ alibi. ‘National Conversation’ is the Left’s chicanery for shoving through their pet projects which are unpopular with the general populace. “We need a national conversation” or “we need a national discussion” are progressive code for ‘we are going to ram this down your throats.’

We have no ‘national conversation’ about gender fluidity or the evolution of gender. The American people have been vocal and specific in their rejection of the Left’s attempts to mainstream the mental illnesses associated with gender fluidity, gender identity, transgenderism, and all of the catastrophic social changes which accompany them. We are not nor will we be on board for gender evolution.

The election of Donald Trump told the story of a nation’s people who are exhausted and disgusted with radical left-wing theory and all of the kookiness associated with these people and movements. But as I have repeatedly warned, the progressives never quit. The election of Trump was just a time out for them. They will be back, after their tears dry, and they will come back in full force.

National Geographic has brought the world to those who would have never experienced it. But now, they want to indoctrinate and harm our children with crazy ideas of gender evolution. They want to put a normal spin on mental illness, and in doing so they are indirectly an accessory to the lure of gender confusion.

Progressives infiltrate every institution of a culture, just as they have National Geographic. This publication is a prime example of the damage that progressives incur upon traditional and upstanding customs once they become embedded in the framework. They destroy everything in their path.

National Geographic has made history with its cover story. They are advocating and approving of a mental illness, and in doing so they are promoting the mainstreaming of gender confusion. They need to pay the financial price for this outrageous politicization of our children’s sexuality. Boycott National Geographic!

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