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The wondering is over. Liberalism is indeed a mental illness. I’m not sure if being a liberal makes you mentally ill, or if liberals are liberal because they are mentally ill. It’s kinda like which came first, the chicken or the egg. Which came first, liberalism or mental illness? It makes no difference as long as we can settle any misunderstandings about the minds of liberals. They are bonkers. And I mean off the chart bat-feces crazy!

The latest stunt by a left-wing crackpot is enough to make the dispute officially finalized. And it involves the Virgin Mary. That’s right. A Democrat lunatic by the name of Ruth Everhart authored an op-ed in the Washington Post titled “Our Culture of Purity Celebrates the Virgin Mary. As a Rape Victim That Hurts Me.”

Let me first send Ms. Everhart my deepest regrets for her experiences as a rape victim. Now, with that said, life goes on. And Ms. Everhart’s unfortunate ordeal does not make her an expert on sexuality, the Virgin Mary, or Christianity. And it certainly isn’t a qualification as an expert on virginal purity.

Everhart complains that the Virgin Mary set the bar for womanhood entirely too high. According to this latest left-wing victim, because Mary was a virgin, women are stuck between trying to be a virgin and a mother at the same time. Ruth, dear, it is impossible to be a virgin and biological mother at the same time. So, let’s take that off the table right now.

Everhart claims to have become a pastor so as to come to terms with Mary’s story. She doesn’t blame her sense of ruin completely on the Virgin Mary, because she believes the Church manipulated Mary into a model of purity. Everhart writes that “to some people vaginas are inherently dirty and can never be purified.” She continues, “And isn’t that the definition of hopelessness? Does it bother you that half the human population is condemned to hopelessness, because their body parts can never be pure?”

Keep in mind that Everhart is a pastor. Yet, she blames Christians when people feel sexually dirty. “We want to pretend sexuality is something we can lock in a box and keep on a shelf. But a lock box won’t work.”

As if it weren’t bizarre enough, Everhart continues with, “Maybe the church could ask body-owners to weigh in on their experiences. Most people have thoughts and feelings about their sexual selves. Having a body is complicated. It involves trial and error.” Good heavens, does this woman think that some of us are ethereal beings?

I would venture to say that Ruth Everhart has suffered delusional thinking her entire life, even prior to her rape. But her twisted thinking concerning the Virgin Mary and how her virginity effects all women, is straight out of the mind of a screwball. It’s no surprise that she is a liberal.

And what’s worse is that the very far left Washington Post found her story worth publishing. What reputable newspaper would clutter its editorial page with the ramblings of a nutcase whining about the Virgin Mary’s purity? A newspaper dedicated to globalism and expanding the War on Christmas.

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  1. Great read Sister Judy. I post a piece every year the deals with the War on Christmas. The story how Charles Schultz Charley Browns Christmas almost never happened because the big wigs on Madison Avenue thought Lionus’ rendition of the Christmas Story according to Luke, was simply over the top. Mr. Schulz Peanuts TV Specials were already wildly popular with Americans having already produced and created It’s The Great Pumpkin Charley Brown and Charley Browns Thanksgiving. Mr. Schultz held his ground when confronted with the Northeast Liberal Elites and refused to go forward if the Christmas Story according to Luke was let on the cutting floor. And as such with we have been blessed with this Christmas TV classic every year since. I like to think that this past November the American people held their ground and said enough is enough.

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