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As I have explained before, I am not a feminist. Feminists are women who have a fascination with abortion and the right ‘to do with their bodies as they please.’ Feminists are immature and selfish. Their focus is on their happiness and their perception of equal rights, which nine times out of ten involves their perceived entitlement to the best of both worlds, that being equal pay but more time off work than their male counterparts. Feminists ‘always’ put their children last on the list of priorities. In the feminists’ world, men and especially white men, are villains.

Women have had a legitimate gripe concerning the general lack of respect they received in the workplace and social venues. The double standards applied to women regarding sexual promiscuity have been prejudiced towards women. Men have been given a free pass in respect to unwanted pregnancies. While girls wore the invisible scarlet letter on their foreheads, boys went merrily on their way. Girls were considered whores and boys were, well you know, boys were just being boys.

The women’s rights movement was a justifiable platform without a doubt. But like every worthy crusade, when the liberals get hold of it, the direction of the campaign changes drastically. The trajectory always takes a sharp turn to the left, and the activists begin to adopt Marxist principles. Meritorious causes become the hostages of the radicals. And thus was the predicament of the women’s rights movement. It was hijacked by the extremists who completely seized control of the movement’s narrative.

Hillary Clinton has been one of the most vocal feminists on the national scene. Always screaming or shrieking about women’s rights, Clinton doesn’t give two hoots about women. She used women to achieve her political goals. Rather than appealing to women on the basis of reasoned policy or familial issues, Clinton always resorted to the victim card. Her objective has always been to appeal to the emotional women who aren’t very bright.

Probably, Clinton’s most silly and stale expression on her campaign trails has been her promise to ‘break the glass ceiling’ in reference to a woman breaking the mold. Ah yes, the old glass ceiling. Oops! I guess that glass ceiling didn’t crack this go around either, did it Hil?

Instead of appealing to both men and women on the basis of her qualifications, her crowning glory was the woman card. Hillary Clinton didn’t think that she needed to talk about her actions, her Congressional votes, or her actions and specifically ‘inactions’ while Secretary of State. She thought that she only needed to appeal to women. In her arrogance she believed that women would carry her into the White House.

When Hillary Clinton was brought before Trey Gowdy and his Benghazi panel, her testimony was outrageous. Not only did she refuse to answer questions with phony “I can’t recall” statements, but she exhibited a blatantly obnoxious, superior, and smug attitude. Clinton was the defendant in a Congressional hearing, and yet she proudly wore her imperious, pompous self-importance for all of the world to see. The contempt she held for the American people and those who chose to hold her responsible for her role in the deaths of four Americans and the lies regarding a video was evidence of her self-imposed aristocracy.

And then there was the time that Hillary lied about being under sniper fire while landing in Bosnia. She later admitted she ‘misspoke.’ For the record, she didn’t ‘misspeak,’ she ‘Lied!’

Hillary Clinton has played the tough girl. She’s the woman who boasted that she wasn’t some little woman standing by her man like Tammy Wynette. She’s the woman who defiantly declared that she wasn’t a woman to stay home and bake cookies, because she was going to fulfill her profession. Take that you stupid homemakers!

Hillary Clinton’s image has been, “I am woman, hear me roar!” According to her, she could handle anything. But that was before she lost the presidency that she assumed was hers for the asking. Suddenly, the tough feminist isn’t as mighty as she portrayed.

The day after her election loss Hillary Clinton was not only in a state of shock, but insider accounts describe Clinton as despondent and crying non-stop. Media is reporting the Democrat loser as taking long walks in the woods without makeup. Oh my! The Clinton Holiday Party was detailed to be a solemn affair as Hillary is still in mourning.

Can anyone imagine Donald Trump hiding away in a safe place because he had lost the election? Were there any reports of Mitt Romney sobbing uncontrollably when he lost the 2012 presidential election? Did John McCain go for long walks in the woods to recover from his 2008 defeat? Hardly!

But Hillary Clinton, for all of her feminist tough talk, goes to pieces. Where is that lioness who bragged of dodging bullets in Bosnia? Where is that cocky, high and mighty woman who jeered at the Benghazi Committee? Apparently, Hillary the Feminist is not just a liar and criminal, but a wimp as well.

Hey Hillary, whatever happened to, “I am woman hear me roar?”

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