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Angela Merkel’s political future took a gut punch yesterday with the Berlin terrorist attack, and if the political gods are merciful, she won’t get back on her feet. Merkel, Chancellor of Germany, was one of the architects of the European Union, and she is a staunch ideological ally of Barack Obama. Merkel and Obama held a joint press conference in November of this year in which they promised that globalization is here to stay.

Concerned about the surge of populism in the West, both Merkel and Obama are emphatically negating any doubts that the world will not fall back into a pre-globalization period. The press conference, which was held one week after Donald Trump was elected President of the United States, was a transparent indication that both world leaders were quite shaken by Brexit and the rejection of globalism in the 2016 United States presidential election. Obama and Merkel were quick to reposition and assure the world that they were winning in this fight against nationalism and populism.

Merkel has a liberal refugee policy and an open-door migrant policy. She was at one time an avid disciple of multiculturalism. She urged the German people not to succumb to fear, telling them to find the strength to live “free, together, and open.” However, she now admits that multiculturalism in Germany has been an utter failure and that immigrants need to put more effort into integrating into the society and learning to speak German. What happened to that great big beautiful salad, Angela? Huh?

Looking ahead to her campaign next year as she seeks a fourth term as Chancellor, Merkel has attempted of late to look tough in regards to migrant crime and terrorist activities. Just four months ago, this defender of multiculturalism called for a ban on burqas in public. I don’t mean to sound cynical, but could it be that Angela Dear is gearing up for an anti-Muslim platform in her upcoming campaign. After all, it is the Muslim migrants that have raped their way across her country, with her blessings. We sure wouldn’t want to put the German people first now, would we, Angela?

But is Merkel being sincere about her sudden realization that multiculturalism is an utter failure? I would contend that she is either lying or delusional as just four weeks ago, she promised the world that globalization was here to stay. And globalization depends on the continued process of the redistribution of people throughout the world. Globalization is contingent upon nations losing their national identity in exchange for a multicultural environment.

So, when Angela Merkel, who shares the same vision of globalism as Barack Obama, joins with Obama to promise that the world will continue on its path to a one world order, then she’s lying, deranged, or just plain stupid.

Globalism and multiculturalism are inherent failures. Man is not capable of coexisting in a state of bliss with people of a hostile culture. While many of the migrants entering the European countries are not hostile, thousands are belligerent and dangerous.

A basic understanding of the human condition expels all possibilities of successful results of multiculturalism. Only when assimilation is involved and the migrant is willing to respect the culture of his new community can multiculturalism succeed. But then again, assimilation would dismantle the argument for multiculturalism. If a migrant embraces the culture of his adopted country, then he is not ‘publicly’ practicing the culture of his birth, thus making multiculturalism irrelevant.

A person does not have to be a genius to comprehend that violent Muslims who hate infidels are not going to willfully blend into society and embrace a culture of peace. It doesn’t take the valedictorian of the class to recognize that tens of thousands of men, who believe rape is their cultural birthright, will never adapt to the laws of a nation which respects women. But supposedly, Angela Merkel was certifiably dumb enough to believe that the migration of third world indigents toting their savage culture with them, was going to work out just swell for the German people.

Merkel embraced globalism one month ago. She rejected multiculturalism just in time for her soon-to-be fourth campaign for Chancellor. So, which is it? Are we to believe she wants globalism of which multiculturalism is a condition? Or is she just another run-of-the-mill progressive liar? A third possibility is that she is just another deranged progressive, clinging to an ideology that delivers disaster wherever implemented.

Angela Merkel’s multicultural philosophy came to fruition yesterday. A terrorist or multiple terrorists successfully brought their act of terrorism to a grand display at a Christmas market, killing 9 Germans and injuring dozens of others. And Merkel, who has the audacity to ask the German people to allow her to lead them for another term, was responsible. She has blood on her hands for her role in destroying the German culture and opening the German borders. She needs to be held accountable!

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